Public Mobile's Talk and Text Plan is Discounted for a Limited Time

March 29, 2017 by
For a limited time only, Public Mobile is offering a big discount on their 90-day plan with unlimited province-wide talk and global text messaging.
The plan usually costs $106, but has been discounted down to $81 (which works out to $27 per month). If you add Auto-pay to your account upon activation, you will also save an additional $2 per month - bringing the full cost of the plan down to $75 for 90 days.
Public Mobile has not said how long this discount will be available, but did warn us that "once an end date is communicated, it will be the last day to activate on the promo plan. The promotional price will not be honoured after the communicated end date for any SIM cards that have not been activated on the promotional plan by the deadline. This includes SIM cards that have been purchased online, and have not yet arrived or been activated."

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