Page Plus Plans

Page Plus, an MVNO that operates on Verizon’s powerful network, offers a variety of both monthly prepaid and Pay-As-You-Go plans. And while you get the benefit of using the nation’s most reliable network, Page Plus plans are otherwise fairly barebones, without additional features or perks.

Compare Page Plus monthly prepaid plans

Page Plus offers four monthly prepaid plans, ranging from 100MB to unlimited data. All prepaid monthly plans receive a discount when AutoPay is set up, although the discount amount depends on which plan you decide on.

Of the Page Plus prepaid plans, the lowest tier ($12 Plan) is the only one with a limited amount of texts and minutes included—with only 500 in both cases. The $12 Plan also comes with 100MB of data, but this is hardly any data at all, and will likely only be suitable for very minimal use, such as basic email.

The other prepaid monthly plans are better in regard to overall value, as all of them include unlimited talk and text, as well as data amounts that will be more practical for everyday use. These three plans also include unlimited international texting, as well as a $10 international calling credit.

Because of Page Plus’ international calling perks, plans that would otherwise be only somewhat competitive feel a bit more worthwhile. This, in addition to operating on Verizon’s network, makes the higher tiered plans decent options if you need to keep in touch with friends and family in Mexico or overseas. You can also add a $9/month Global Calling Plan if you think you’ll need a larger balance for international calling.

Page Plus Pay-As-You-Go plans

If you don’t want to commit to a monthly plan, Page Plus also offers its Pay-As-You-Go plans, with refill amounts ranging from $10 up to $80. These Pay-As-You-Go plans have two variations:

  • 4G Plans: All of your data is high-speed data (4G LTE).
  • 3G Plans: All of your data operates at 3G speeds.

The Pay-As-You-Go rates differ between the 4G plans and 3G plans as well as the refill amounts. While the 4G plans always have a rate of $.06/minute, the 3G plans start at $.10/minute and decrease to $.04/minute for the $80 refill amount.

No matter which plan you choose, text messages are always $.05 per text sent or received and $.05/MB of data. Because of this comparable pricing, it seems like a no-brainer to go with a 4G Pay-As-You-Go plan since these plans include high-speed data and the 3G plans include 3G speeds—which are much slower than 4G LTE and are only good for basic functions, such as web browsing, email, and checking social media (it may take a little while to load). That said, if you only want your plan to call your loved ones, then it may be worth it to choose the 3G $80 refill option since it has the lowest cost-per-minute rate, and the minutes last for 1 year.

Either way, a Page Plus Pay-As-You-Go plan isn’t an ideal choice if you expect to use a lot of data each month. If you’re a heavy data user, you are better off going with a Page Plus monthly plan to get the most for your money.

Page Plus add-ons

Page Plus offers three add-ons, although these add-ons are not available with every plan offered. The $9 Global Calling Card is available for every plan, but the $5 Data Add on Card and $10 Data Add on Card are only available with the $35 and $45 monthly plans.

Which Page Plus plan is right for you?

The best Page Plus plan for you will depend on how much you use your phone and what you use your phone for. If you use your phone sparingly and want an affordable prepaid plan on the top network in the country, then it would be smart to go for a Page Plus Pay-As-You-Go plan. We would recommend the 4G plans instead of the 3G plans since 3G can be somewhat slow, and if you find yourself needing to use data, whether you’re lost and need Google Maps or need to look something up, you’d probably rather be able to do so quickly.

Conversely, if you’re considering a Page Plus monthly prepaid plan, the right plan for you will depend on your data consumption. The $12 Plan is super skimpy on the data—just 100MB—so if you rely on your phone for everyday activities, you’ll want to consider the 3GB, 8GB, or unlimited data plan. The 3GB plan is a solid option if you use your phone for basic activities, such as Google Maps, email, and web browsing.

The 8GB plan is a nice sweet spot if you use your phone for social media, FaceTiming or Zooming, and some light music or video streaming. And the unlimited plan is great if you love to stream videos and music and play online games.

Page Plus plans vs. competitors

Page Plus offers decently priced plans that include great international benefits, but are less competitive in the realm of unlimited plans and additional features. It should be said that if you don’t need any international talk or text, there are cheaper prepaid monthly plans available with other carriers—specifically, other MVNOs that operate on Verizon’s network. For example, Visible offers a $40 Unlimited Plan and also operates on Verizon’s robust network. Also US Mobile offers unlimited plans for cheaper than the $55 monthly plan offered by Page Plus.

If you prefer a limited data plan, Page Plus’ aren’t the most expensive but they also aren’t the cheapest—you can get cheaper limited plans through carriers like Tello, Twigby, Mint Mobile, Good2Go Mobile, Red Pocket, Simple Mobile, Ultra Mobile, and more. And if you like the free international texting that Page Plus offers, Twigby’s phone plans also include unlimited global texts. Below you can compare some of the most popular prepaid plans available from other MVNOs.