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Apple iPhones

You know Apple. You know them for their computers, laptops, software, and you definitely know them for their phones. Apple first released the iPhone in June of 2007 and pretty much changed the world of mobile phones. Our addiction to our phones and hyper-connectivity can pretty much be traced back to that day.

The iPhone is the dominant phone in the mobile market in the US but their dominance is not global with Samsung sitting as the #1 smartphone manufacturer globally.

Upon its initial release, the iPhone was only available from AT&T, for 5 years! Nowadays, there isn’t a single carrier that doesn’t support the iPhone. With new iPhone models released every year, we’re now on iPhone 11.

What can you expect? State-of-the-art cameras, excellent performance and usability and beautiful displays. All iPhones run Apple’s own iOS. iPhones are flagship phones and come with high-end flagship prices. The iPhone X, for instance, was the first mass-manufactured phone to break the $1000 barrier upon its initial release.

iPhone 11

Released in 2019, the iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro/Pro Max take everything that was great about earlier iPhones and runs with them. Longer battery life—check. Crazy and awesome camera system—check. Upgraded chip—of course.

iPhone XR

The iPhone XR is the not-so-expensive-but-still-kind-of-expensive phone of its generation which also included the much more expensive iPhone XS and XS Max. While the phone is cheaper, it’s still packed with the same power as its bigger sisters sporting Apple’s own A12 Bionic CPU. This combined with the friendlier price made the iPhone XR one of Apple’s best-selling phones, and one critics everywhere dubbed the iPhone the get.

Other iPhones

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