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Samsung Phones & Smartphones

Samsung is a multinational conglomerate with their hands in just about everything. Founded 1938 in Daegu, Japanese Korea, the mega-company is now based out of Seoul, South Korea. Medical devices, electronics, clothing, automotive, telecommunications, you name it, Samsung is directly involved with a bunch of industries. Among all the products Samsung manufactures are mobile devices. From budget-friendly mid-level phones to pricey yet sophisticated flagship devices, there are a plethora of phones, phablets, and tablets that make up the Samsung Galaxy.

Along with the Apple iPhone, Samsung Galaxy phones dominate the mobile device market. These Android phones are known for innovation with each new year’s models outshining the last. Galaxies are ubiquitous with availability from all major carriers and most smaller MVNOs.

The Samsung Galaxy stable of phones is highlight by the S series and Note series. The S series of phones tend to be designed more toward the everyday user who demands a lot from their phone but doesn’t exactly need to every single bell and whistle (just most of them). The Note series, on the other hand, tends to be designed for the phone user who lives their entire life through their phone—the smartphone power user. Both S series and Note typically run on matching processor chips.

Galaxy S and Note phones can be pricey, but Samsung fans looking for more budget-friendly phones aren’t out of luck. The big company has several mid-level phones that can be purchased without breaking the bank.

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