Apple iPhone 8 Plus

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September 2017


  • Apple iOS 11
  • AR Kit compatibility
  • 5.5-inch Retina HD display
  • IP67 splash & water resistant
  • Dual 12 MP cameras with wide-angle and telephoto

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2 Stars out of 5

Too Many Issues

Reviewed on Thursday April 26, 2018 by , Houston
I had an iPhone 6s and loved it. Only problem was that I got the 16gb and that wasnít enough memory for me. Finally decided to upgrade to the iPhone 8 after getting tired of constantly having to delete things to free up memory. Iíve had the 8 for about 4 months now and I am regretting getting the phone due to numerous issues that I never experienced with the 6s. 1st problem was that my email would stop downloading after about 3 days. Nothing worked to fix the problem except deleting the email account and then adding it again. 2íe days later email stopped loading again. I finally gave up and downloaded the yahoo app so I could use that to view my emails. Next issue started about 2 weeks ago. Now I am constantly being logged out of apps. Iíll exit from an app and open it like 30 minutes later and have to reenter all my login info. Very frustrating. Another issue Iíve been having is being logged out of WiFi at various places. Again very frustrating. I was at a gym the other day and tried to use the gyms free WiFi but it kept logging out after about a minute and Iíd have to reenter the password. Very disappointing and frustrating experience overall. And the problem is not the updated IOS because my iPhone 8 is updated and not having any of the issues the 8 is having. Apple step it up and fix the issues users are experiencing with the iPhone 8! I honestly would not recommend the phone to anyone at this point.
2 Stars out of 5

Look twice before buying

Reviewed on Thursday October 19, 2017 by , California
I purchased an iphone 8+ at Costco. I returned it today. My complaints might not bother you, but it had no port for a head phone plug in. There was a short wire adapter for headphones. That adapter is so inconvenient, It is something that is easily lost and something else to carry around.
Secondly, I cannot send a voice recording to an Android, but I was told I could send one to an Iphone. My wife can send a voice recording message to anyone. Other than that the phone seems very good. I had Costco hook up my old Iphone 6. I may switch to an Android after I learm on my wife's phone.