Best Cell Phone Deals

Looking to score the latest cell phone deals? How about a perks-loaded phone plan for a fraction of the price? From discounts on cell phone plans, to free iPhones, Galaxies, and more, now’s the time to take advantage of huge savings from all of the major carriers.

We’ll continue to update you with the latest wireless deals; for now, here are the best savings we’ve found as of July 6, 2020.

Best Cell Phone Deals

  • Get the Apple iPhone SE (2020) 64GB for $5/month, the iPhone SE (2020) 128GB for $10/month, or the iPhone SE (2020) 256GB for $15/month (for upgrades: the iPhone SE (2020) 64GB for $10/month, iPhone SE (2020) 128GB for 11.67/month, or the 256GB for $15/month) after monthly credits with installments on an Unlimited plan with AT&T
  • BOGO on the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G (up to $1000)—plus get a Free Echo Dot and Amazon Smart Plug when you switch on an Unlimited plan with Verizon
  • Get the iPhone XR 64GB for $5/month, the iPhone XR 128GB for $10/month, and the iPhone XR 256GB for $15/month after monthly credits on an Unlimited plan with AT&T
  • Get the Google Pixel 4 64GB for $5/month, the 4 XL 64GB for $10/month, and the 4 XL 128GB for $15/mo. after monthly credits with installments on an Unlimited plan— or get up to $300 in bill credits with select trade-in and upgrade on an Unlimited plan with AT&T
  • Get the OnePlus 8 5G for $14.58/month after monthly credits with Sprint’s Flex Lease and a new line on Sprint
  • Get the Apple iPhone 11 for FREE after monthly credits with Sprint’s Flex lease, new line, and eligible device trade-in

Best iPhone Deals

If you’re looking for the newest iPhone 11, or an older model, check out our picks of the best iPhone deals available now. You’ll find various discounts across all carriers, big and small. Note that with most iPhone deals from major carriers like Verizon and Sprint, you’ll need to buy the phone on a monthly installment/lease plan to qualify. In most cases, your discount is applied as monthly billing credits over the life of your lease/installment plan.

Best Samsung Galaxy Deals

If Samsung is more your style, we’ve hand-picked our favorite Samsung Galaxy deals for the week also. Samsung Galaxy phones are Apple’s biggest competitor when it comes to cell phones and each year we see both brands competing to release the next best phone. Samsung continues to wow its fans by offering the best tech for designers, photographers, and other creatives. The latest Samsung Galaxy S20 phones take photography and videography to another level, boasting new features that turn your phone into a professional camera.

Best Google Pixel Deals

Although Google hasn’t been in the cell phone game for as long as other brands, the Pixel phones are becoming a crowd favorite amongst Android users. The camera quality, usability, wireless charging (on select models), and the budget-friendly options are some of the best features of these phones. Now, with more and more carriers offering these phones you can get great deals on all Google Pixel models, from the older Google Pixel 2, to the newest Pixel 4 and 4 XL.

How to Get a Great Cell Phone Deal

Getting a great deal on a new cell phone is easy, but there is usually always some fine print that you need to be aware first. Some of the most common requirements of deals include:

  • The phone must be bought on monthly installments/lease (usually for major carriers).
    • Your discount is usually applied as monthly billing credits over the lifetime of your installment or leasing plan.
  • You must activate a new line or bring your number to the carrier.
    • Many deals are for new customers only. Sometimes smaller discounts are offered to existing customers who upgrade.
  • You must sign up for an unlimited plan.
  • You need to stay with the carrier for the full leasing or installment period to receive your full discount.

Of course, these rules aren’t set rules across all carriers. Be sure to read the fine print on cell phone deals carefully before checking out your cart. One of the best tips I can give is to SWITCH CARRIERS. Switching carriers often gives you the best discounts since you almost always need to be a new customer to qualify.