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About Compare Cellular | How We Work

Who is Compare Cellular?

We are a team of writers and editors with expert-level knowledge in cellular carriers, plans, tech, and devices. Our goal is to provide consumers with the information they need to find the right plans and phones to fit their lives.

Marisa Crane, Editor

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Angelo Ilumba, Writer

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Lauren Hannula, Writer

Adam Harley, Writer

How we research

Here at CompareCellular.com it is important that we provide readers with the most accurate information possible. To do this we spend countless hours combing through carrier and manufacturer websites, speaking with carrier representatives, and living and breathing in the fine print.

Additionally, we rely on the up-to-date data provided by WhistleOut product widgets you can find throughout our site.

How we rate and rank

It is our belief that no one plan or product is absolutely perfect for absolutely everyone. Instead, we understand that what might be right for one person, could totally be wrong for the next. This is why we prefer to provide you with all the relevant information to give you a chance to find the perfect fit for you.

However, we do understand that ratings and rankings can be helpful to the consumer. When relevant and useful, we will provide ratings and rankings based on our own expert experience and opinions, feedback from other experts across the field, and general consumer feedback.

What we look for in cell phone plans

For us, the better cell phone plans are all about value for money—what you get for the price you are willing to pay. Therefore, when we evaluate cell phone plans we primarily take into account:

  • Price
  • Talk, text, and data allotment
  • Network coverage
  • Network speed
  • Additional perks (mobile hotspot, international, entertainment, etc.)

How we make money

Our team requires maintenance. Of course, that costs money. In order to keep the team up and running, we need proper funding.

When you see WhistleOut product widget for phones and plans on CompareCellular.com pages and articles, you are seeing our primary source of income. If you click on the “Go to Site” button on said widgets, we make a little bit of the money we need to keep our wheels spinning.

While we strive to keep our reviews and recommendations unbiased as possible, we do receive affiliate compensation through some of our links. This can affect which services appear on our site and where we rank them.

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