2017 GSMA Mobile World Congress in a Nutshell

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The 2017 GSMA Mobile World Congress - sometimes referred to as 3GSM - took place from February 27th until March 2nd. The annual mobile industry exhibition and conference attracted attendees from over 200 countries from around the globe.
Device manufacturers, technology providers, vendors, and mobile industry executives gathered at the 2.5-million square foot exhibition space of Fira Gran Via venue in Barcelona, Spain. It is the beginning of a new year, and MWC was a great preview of things to come in the mobile industry throughout 2017.

Retro revival - Nostalgia for the 17-year old Nokia 3310's comeback hogged most headlines. Even though the 3310 is not even a smartphone.

Receding bezels - LG, Samsung, and Huawei have started the smaller bezels (the frame around the display) trend, and other companies are predicted to follow suit.

HDR displays - We can expect to see more High dynamic range content on more HDR-equipped devices. Netflix's recent announcement of support for streaming HDR content to smartphones is just the start.

5G - The hottest buzzword at the event. While it will not be ready to roll out for a few years, 5G is going to change our lives by connecting everything around us.

Fast charging - Wireless chargers are fading into the background, in favour of faster speeds. Qualcomm's Quick Charge standard is on most smartphones already and things will continue to speed up with time.

Cameras! - Device manufacturers are investing a lot into their cameras. Chinese smartphone maker Oppo showed off a prototype of their new 5x optical camera zoom technology, but didn't actually have a device attached to it quite yet.
Creativity - Although the evolution of smartphones seems to have hit a standstill, there is still an abundance of creative energy. The real stars of MWC 2017 were the startups, the little guys - like Motorola's Moto Mods designers, and all of the creative concepts.

Samsung Galaxy S8 does not deserve a mention - It was a no show, even though we all know it is coming next month. In other Samsung/MWC news, a group of protesters interrupted Samsung's press conference to demand to hear their plans for the millions of recalled Note 7 batteries. Besides that, it appears that the mishap with the Note 7 has mostly been forgiven or forgotten - however, Samsung will not let us forget that the Galaxy S8 is coming soon.

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