Where Doesn't the iPhone Reign Supreme?

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In a battle of the titans, not much changes very quickly. Both Apple and Samsung have so much momentum worldwide that inertia alone will keep any change relatively gradual. However, when iQmetrix recently looked at things on a smaller scale, city-by-city, things get a little more interesting. They gave us the inside scoop on some of the numbers behind their new infographic (embedded below) to shed some light on what this means for someone shopping for a new phone.

Apple and Samsung are so entrenched as global leaders, it takes time for competitors to make a dent in their market share.

Apple vs. Samsung
There's no surprise that a city like New York is a hub for iPhones. I have some friends that veritably consider the Apple stores there a holy pilgrimage. The Samsung strongholds, on the other hand, are a little harder to decipher. Samsung has such a wide range of products (at both premium and value costs) that they really pack a cumulative punch in cities like Spokane and Seattle (and North America in general).

Nokia Lumia Sales
The Windows phones, championed by Nokia are really starting to gain traction in Europe but still have yet to make their mark across the pond. Yet there are some little blips on the radar in cities like Las Vegas, Phoenix, and Colorado Springs, where sales of Nokia phones reaches as high as 7%. Who knew?

HTC and LG Phones
I've often been shocked at the fact that such critical darlings as the HTC One and the LG G2 didn't result in all that many sales. Well HTC and LG, Glendale is coming to the rescue by pioneering the way with the remarkably high sales of phones from those two manufacturers; hopefully they've started a trend.

What phone do you prefer? Do you see a lot of the same phones in your city? Please comment below.

People still buying BlackBerrys?
Finally, one of the big surprises is how well BlackBerry is still selling in some Canadian cities, especially Toronto. If I were to guess, it's corporate and government acquisitions that are really driving these numbers but it does definitely speak to the efficacy of a BlackBerry for its dependability, security, and no-nonsense, get-work-done design (and people who appreciate that).

So we'd like to know from you: What do you prefer? Do you see any popular devices that buck the trend in your city or circle of friends? Why do you think Glendale or Toronto shoppers are so unique? Pop down in the comments and let us know.

Most Popular Smartphones Sold in North America
An Infographic by the Team at iQmetrix Wireless Retail Solutions

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