UTStarcom 6700

UTStarcom 6700 Front View

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Canada: Bell


April 2006


  • Bluetooth® technology
  • Digital camera and video camera
  • Microsoft® Windows Mobile™


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5 Stars out of 5

Fantastic PDA phone

Reviewed on Friday June 16, 2006 by , Calgary
I've owned this phone for approximately 3 weeks now, and I've got a lot of great things to say about this device. First off, the call quality is excellent on the Bell network. The other speaker said I came across loud and clear. Second, integrating emails and phone numbers with Outlook is very convenient, as it helps keep everybody's contact info synchronized and up to date. Also, the integrated Wi-Fi works great! I can download at similar speeds to my laptop, and the pocket MSN is awesome.
Next, the multimedia support is great. I can play AVI clips seamlessly off of a 1 GB mini-SD card. Finally, the pull out keyboard is just too handy a feature!

There is ONE thing that you need to be aware of, that I didn't think about when I bought this phone. If you use your phone a lot when you drive, forget about hand dialing and driving at the same time, like a regular phone. You really do need to get a bluetooth headset for this thing, and voice train your contacts into the automatic dial.