Palm Treo 650 Reviews

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The Palm Treo 650 has an average user review score of 2 Stars out of 5 based on 13 reviews.

1 Star out of 5

TREO 650 - November 2006

Reviewed on Saturday November 11, 2006 by , Vancouver, British Columbia
Daily dropped Calls, super slow web connections (even slower than dialup from 1994!), and to top it all off...if you are a small business without a Microsoft 2003 Server forget accessing your email on the Versamail program.

And if you are a Bell Customer well you will have customer service communications as an added bonus.

TREO 650 is best for corporate customers / end users. And did you notice that some bluetooth headsets are great e.g. Plantronic and I have yet to find a carrying case that will carry the TREO 650, 680, 700wx along with a couple of SD cards AND THE DAMN BLUETOOTH!

Better to buy a PALM T/X with a separate cell phone.
3 Stars out of 5

palm 650

Reviewed on Monday June 12, 2006 by , nanaimo
i have bought the palm treo 650 and i have noticed that it FRESSES up how come ? its only 4 months old
1 Star out of 5

Pas sûr !

Reviewed on Monday June 5, 2006 by , Châteauguay
Beau gadget trop souvent défectueux. Fut propriétaire de 4 Treo 600 en 13 mois chez Bell Mobilité.Ceux-ci n'ont jamais voulu honorer la garantie.13 mois 4 cellulaires vous voyez l'affaire ! Plusieurs recours collectifs aux USA pour ce produit ainsi que le 650.IE: un pilote d'avion avec son plan de vol sur son Treo qui plante...Sécuritaire n'est-ce pas? Ces appareils plantent trop souvent à mon goût. Sur garantie on vous refile des ''rebuild'' qui ferons encore défauts. Ayant quitté Bell Mobilité à grand frais je suis maintenant chez Telus avec les mêmes problèmes. Pourquoi un Tréo alors ? Mon logiciel ''d'entreprise'' doit fonctionner sur une plateforme Palm. Je me cherche une nouvelle plateforme de travail mais suis un peu échaudé par cette belle et fragile technologie que l'on paie trop cher pour les résultats.
5 Stars out of 5

Solid performer

Reviewed on Thursday April 20, 2006 by , Edmonton
I've used my TREO 650 for over a year now. It has only failed me on one occassion when I was using a version of Mapopolis with a Bluetooth GPS unit. It crashed and corrupted the application on day 1, so I couldn't use it for the duration of my trip. Not the TREO's fault. A quick back-up upon return to my laptop and away we went again with Mapopolis.

I use NotifyLink to get my corporate email and PIM to the device. They have a hosted service that can't be beat. I run it against my Exchange server. It's more than just email it gives me my entire cabinet and PIM and I can make it work similtaneously on my TREO, iPAQ and BlackBerry, depending on whatever mood I'm in.

The TREO is a solid performer because of NotifyLink. It runs in the background using a seperate thread, something the TREO and MyMail alone cannot do. It turns the TREO into a true multi-tasking device.
4 Stars out of 5

No major issues

Reviewed on Saturday April 1, 2006 by , Victoria - Canwest/Westshore; Tillicum Mall
I've been using the Treo 650 for just over a week now as a Rogers Wireless customer, and personally, I've had only one sticking point. The phone, on occasion, and seems to have been for one day only, would, as others have mentioned, power cycle itself, and while doing so turn off the wireless function. After a hot sync, and a couple of resets, then just leaving the phone alone for a couple of hours, no more problems.
3 Stars out of 5

Treao 650 Heats up and Reboots by itself

Reviewed on Thursday February 2, 2006 by , Vancouver
Has anyone also experience the way that the 650 heats-up, as if it were in use, when it does it also drains the battery pretty quickly, I have to do a soft reset or pull the battery out in order to cool it down.

I noticed the rebooting since the first day I got it, I am not sure if it is because of the Network that when it looses connectivity it freezes the device trying to look for it and therefore heats up.

If anyone else is experiencing the same please let me know, I am taking mine into a Rogers shop tomorrow after 3 weeks of use, I love the PDA and Documents On the GO, great tools!

2 Stars out of 5

PalmOne Treo650 socks on Rogers GSM

Reviewed on Wednesday January 4, 2006 by , Toronto Canada
I am a power user of Gadgets, and have been for over 15 years, this devise do not work very well on the GSM network of rogers, basically I have NO reception most of the time within most areas I travel within toronto GTA.
The unit DOES REBOOT on its own, and regardless of the firware upgade of "palmOneTreo 650 Updater 1.13 PC Version" provided on Rogers site the phone still reboots and have very poor reception/covrage/signal on Rogers GSM network.
I have been told by others that they have the same experiance. However Sprint PCS version of this phone apparently works very well!!!

Sr. S/w Eng.
IBM Canada.
4 Stars out of 5

Do the upgrade, it works!

Reviewed on Monday October 31, 2005 by , Calgary
I think this product works great, love the email and organizer. I had a few problems with it crashing, but Rogers has an upgrade on their website for the software that totally fixed all that. It took a few minutes only to download and sync, and has been great since.
1 Star out of 5

Don't Buy Yet

Reviewed on Thursday September 29, 2005 by , Canmore, Alberta
I thought this thing would sing and dance and walk on water and, when it was working it was pretty darn good. However, mostly it wouldn't work. Phone was fine but email and browser would simply stop functioning and would power down when trying to access the application. I got one refurbished replacement unit but was told, if they swapped me again and I got the same failures - well, too bad, it was mine. $550 plus $50 for a car charger plus $110 for a case was far too much to spend on a cell phone and calendar. Rogers tech people were very good (except that after about one full week out of 4 weeks, we couldn't get the thing to work) but the customer service weren't willing to give me any leeway on the 30 day money back warranty so it went back by courier today. Too bad, it has great potential.
2 Stars out of 5


Reviewed on Friday September 9, 2005 by , Calgary
Two returns in 3 days. Couldn't even do a hard reset. Device was stuck in a loop - all I could to was pull the battery. Rogers said it was due to corrupt data from prior palm device (which works fine!). Tech support was ok.
1 Star out of 5

Palm? How about the finger!!!!

Reviewed on Monday August 29, 2005 by , London, Ontario
2 units in 3 weeks. Still awaiting the shipment of a 3rd unit. Can't wait to have to write someone about getting a credit for the next full month's billing. Can't get a live person to speak with on there 'service hotline'.
Rogers blames PalmOne for tech problems. PalmOne blames Rogers for the tech problems. What a NIGHTMARE !!!!!!
I need a drink...
1 Star out of 5

Treo 650 caution!

Reviewed on Tuesday August 2, 2005 by , VCR
Looks cool. Sounds great in the ads.... wouldn't wish this on anyone. Hope Palm can fix the problems cause I want one!! I need one. Two returns in three success. Fortunately I had secured a 30 day money back deal with rogers. Had heard there were problems with it...
Basically, the thing would turn off and back on without warning. (sitting on my desk) one night is shut down and restarted on its own without starting the phone. I missed 16 calls... including 4 from my very -peeved boss.
Internet... would connect...sometimes for 10kb, 67 kb... 320 kb... then loop. Soft reset was the only answer.
All in all very unstable. Not dependable. Only factory applications were installed... You would think they would have the bugs worked out. Rogers was very good though... took it back and hinted that I wasn't the first guy
to return a buggy device. Hoping to try again in a year.
1 Star out of 5

Can you say horrible

Reviewed on Friday June 17, 2005 by , Oakville
At a retail cost of $899 ... Wow. What Junk.
I paid $599 for mine on a three year term, would have been better to purchase a phone made by Fischer-Price. Two returns within 35 days, nothing but hassles from Palm .. Though they would have sent me a "New" "Refurbished" model. How many can they have considering the newness of the phone... Call it what you will. If you are looking for a really bad product from the stance of a phone or a camera, you will get what you pay for. (Good PDA though!)