Nokia N86 8MP

Nokia N86 8MP Front View

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November 2009


  • Full Ovi integration
  • Built-in GPS and Wi-Fi
  • 8 MP Carl Zeiss Camera


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3 Stars out of 5

Cadillac of Nokia

Reviewed on Friday March 26, 2010 by , BC
Great phone in so many ways.
I felt it was too masculine for me.
It was too much phone for someone who was going from a regular phone to a 3G.
It took me 5 hours just looking around to just get familiar with the Nokia features that I was already use to.
Also the buttons are not comfortable.
After the 5 hours of getting familiar with the thumbs were numb.
The battery & sim card location seemed to be weakly built.
Seemed fragile, easy to break.
I ended up sending the phone back.