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January 2002


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Reviewed on Thursday April 15, 2004 by , toronto
this is my first colour/GSM and i really like it

-unique style (this could be a cons for some ppl but i really like the design of the phone)
-Easy to use
-long list of compatible ringtone/games (unlike sony ericsson phones)
-has a spot watch, countdown timer, calendar, etc.
-great reception
-has a built-in radio
-battery lasts very long (the longest it lasted with me was over 4 days with out charging)
-infrared (don't have to buy the PC wire if you have infrared on you laptop or PC)
-easy to use PC software
-easy to personalize

-Doesn't have a built-in camera
-no picture caller id (i really wanted that feature)
-doesn't have built-in bluetooth
-Fido didn't set-up their MMS system yet (that really sucks! i canít send or receive MMS but the phone has that feature)