AT&T Mobile Share Advantage Plan (Smartphone) + 1GB

$50╣ per month
  • 1 GB
    Rollover data▓
  • Unlimited nationwide talk
  • Unlimited international messaging│
Full Plan Details
Plan available in United States
Plan Type Mobile Share Value Plans with Unlimited Talk & Text | Voice & Data Plans
Monthly Service Fee $50.00╣
Airtime Included Unlimited nationwide talk
Data Included 1 GB
Rollover data▓
Messaging Unlimited international messaging│
Features Included Caller ID, basic voicemail, visual voicemail, call waiting, 3-way calling & call forwarding
Additional Data Usage Rate $20/500 MB
Contract 2 year
Activation Fee $45.00
Early Cancellation Fee Early termination fee up to $325/per device may apply.
Notes Other charges may apply.
╣ $30/1GB Plan + $20 Smartphone Access Charge.
▓ Unused dated rolls over for one billing period.
│ Includes messaging from the U.S., Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands to more than 190 countries for text messages and 120 countries for picture & video messages.
More Information
Plans include Unlimited Talk & Text for your phones, shared data for all your devices, and range from 300MB to 50GB of data to share. You may add up to 10 devices to each Mobile Share Plan.
NOTE: Plans reflect pricing with a Smartphone as the primary line.
AT&T Next or no annual commitment per smartphone savings will be $25 on plans 10 GB and larger, 
and $15 for plans less than 10 GB. Other charges & restr's apply.

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