AT&T Releases New Unlimited Elite Plan

Following the introduction of its Unlimited Starter and Unlimited Extra plans earlier this month, the final piece of AT&T’s trio of new unlimited plans has arrived. The carrier rolled out its premium Unlimited Elite plan yesterday, replacing the previous Unlimited &More Premium plan.

AT&T Unlimited Elite at a Glance

Unlimited &More Premium*NEW* Unlimited Elite
Price1 line – $80/month
4 lines – $190/month
1 line – $85/month
4 lines – $200/month
Data DeprioritizationAfter 22 GB (during congestion)After 100 GB (during congestion)
Hotspot Data15 GB/month30 GB/month
FeaturesUnlimited talk & text (U.S., Canada, Mexico)

HD video streaming

Fraud and spam alerts
Unlimited talk & text (U.S., Canada, Mexico)

HD video streaming

Fraud and spam alerts
Entertainment ExtrasAT&T WatchTV

Selection of premium movie or music service
HBO subscription
Free HBO Max upgrade (once available in 2020)

Data correct as of 11/22/2019. Prices reflect autopay and paperless billing discounts.

The new Unlimited Elite plan offers twice as much hotspot data and four times the high-speed data prioritization as its predecessor, Unlimited &More Premium. You still get HD video streaming, and you can talk, text, and post to your heart’s content while in Mexico and Canada.

While you no longer get access to WatchTV (AT&T’s livestreaming TV service), you now get an HBO subscription. Once HBO releases its highly anticipated streaming service, HBO Max, Unlimited Elite plan subscribers will have first dibs on a free account.

AT&T Unlimited Elite vs. Other Major Carriers

Monthly PriceHotspot DataMexico & CanadaStreaming QualityEntertainment
AT&T Unlimited Elite1 line – $85
4 lines – $200
30GBUnlimited talk, text, and dataHDHBO/HBO Max
Verizon Get More Unlimited1 line – $90
4 lines – $220
Unlimited – up to 30 GB 4G LTEUnlimited talk, text, and dataHDApple Music
Sprint Unlimited Premium1 line – $80
4 lines – $180
100GBUnlimited talk and text

10 GB of data

Tidal Music
Amazon Prime
Lookout Premium Plus
T-Mobile Magenta Plus1 line –$85
4 lines – $170
20GBUnlimited talk, text, and dataHDNetflix Standard
Unlimited in-flight Wi-Fi

Data correct as of 11/22/2019

AT&T’s Unlimited Elite comes in at the same price as T-Mobile’s flagship Magenta Plus plan, yet with a higher data deprioritization threshold (100GB vs. 50GB) and bigger hotspot allowance (30GB vs. 20GB). While Sprint lays claim to a cheaper plan ($80/month) with more entertainment perks (Hulu, Amazon Prime, Tidal Music), its network coverage isn’t as broad as AT&T’s. Verizon’s Get More Unlimited is the most expensive unlimited offering among the majors at $90/month. All of which is to say, AT&T’s new Unlimited Elite is a solid choice!