Metro by T-Mobile Services Add-ons

Metro by T-Mobile (formerly known as MetroPCS) is an MVNO that operates on parent company T-Mobile’s network. Because it’s a smaller mobile provider, Metro doesn’t have the same overhead as the larger companies, so it’s able to pass on more significant savings to customers, while offering similar perks and great service.

Service add-ons are account features that can be added to your current Metro by T-Mobile plan for an additional fee. Common add-ons include international calling, mobile data, hotspot data, and security features.

Metro Data Add-Ons

If you need more recurring 4G LTE data added to your Metro account, you can do so for an additional fee. All added data is hotspot enabled.

4G LTE DataEligibilityCost
2GB$30+/month plans+$5/month
5GB$40+/month plans+$10/month
10GB Hotspot Only Data$60+/month plans+$20/month

International Add-Ons

Staying connected abroad is affordable via Metro by T-Mobile’s international add-ons. All international add-ons require a plan minimum, which varies by add-on type. Some international add-ons also allow you to call overseas while you’re in the U.S., making it more affordable to stay connected to your family and friends.

Mexico UnlimitedUnlimited to/fromUnlimited to/from5GB of 4G LTE in Mexico$40+/month plans+$5/month
Canada UnlimitedUnlimited to/fromUnlimited to/from5GB of 4G LTE in Canada$40+/month plans+$5/month
Global VoiceUnlimited calls to 140+ countries

15 mins. to Cuba
Unlimited to 140+ countriesn/a$30+/month plans+$10/month
Global Voice+Unlimited calls to 140+ countries

30 mins. to Cuba
Unlimited to 140+ countriesn/a$30+/month plans+$20/month

Metro by T-Mobile Security Add-Ons

Metro by T-Mobile’s security features are designed to help you protect your identity, information, and device. Some options are free, while others bundle all the best security features into one add-on, so you have everything you need to protect yourself.

Add-on NameFeatureCost
Scam ID & Scam BlockIdentify and block scam callersFree
Web GuardRestrict inappropriate content on handsetFree
Call DetailKeep a 3-month history of all outbound calls+$1/month
Name IDBlock/report unwanted calls+$2/month
McAfee SecurityVirus protection, password storage, and track your lost phone+$3/month
Security BundleMcAfee Security & Name ID+$5/month
Premium Handset ProtectionCoverage for lost/damaged phones with McAfee Security+$6/month
Premium Security BundlePremium handset protection, McAfee Security, Name ID, and Voicemail to Text+$10/month

Metro by T-Mobile Services Add-Ons: Other Features

Some of Metro by T-Mobile’s unlimited plans come with Google One cloud storage, but you can add more space for an extra fee. You can also add music to your friends’ and family’s ringtones and get minutes to call numbers (like chat lines) outside of Metro by T-Mobile’s covered plans.

Add-on NameFeatureCost
Caller Tunes by ListenAssign new songs to 2 new contacts per month+$5/month
Google One 200GBGet an additional 100GB added to your $50 or $60/month data plan+$1/month
Google One 2TBGet a total of 2TB with your $50 or $60/month data plan+$8/month
Select Shared Calling 300Get 300 minutes to call numbers outside of Metro by T-Mobile’s plans+$3/month
Select Shared Calling 1,000Get 1,000 minutes to call numbers outside of Metro by T-Mobile’s plans+$10/month