Metro by T-Mobile (MetroPCS) Domestic Add-ons

Metro by T-Mobile, or the cell phone carrier formerly known as MetroPCS, is one of the more well-known and bigger MVNOs in the country. As its name implies, Metro piggybacks off its parent company’s network, T-Mobile. Anybody looking to hop on T-Mobile’s network—without paying T-Mobile prices—should check out Metro.

Metro has some strong cell phone plans, but as with just about everything else in the world, no plan is perfect. You can, however, customize your Metro (MetroPCS) plan with available add-ons that can help you it right where you need it to be.

Metro by T-Mobile Add-Ons At-A-Glance
Add OnKey FeaturesPrice
Premium Security BundlePremium Handset Protection with McAfee Security
Name ID
Call Forwarding
Voicemail to text
Security BundleMcAfee Security with ID Theft Protection
Name ID
CallerTunes powered by LISTENReplaces ringtone heard by caller
Up to 2 tunes per month
Google One 200GB100GB of extra cloud storage
Access to help from Google experts
Premium Handset Protection ProgramDevice insurance coverage
McAfee Security

Metro by T-Mobile Security Add-Ons

As our phones become more and more a part of our lives, they also become more enticing targets for those with criminal intentions. That’s why it’s important to keep your phone, and the information you store in it, safe. Metro by T-Mobile has a selection of add-ons designed to help you protect you and your phone.

Premium Security Bundle

The Premium Security Bundle, at $10/month, is Metro’s most robust security package. It includes:

  • Premium Handset Protection with McAfee Security
  • Name ID – caller ID for numbers that aren’t in your contacts
  • Call forwarding
  • Voicemail to text

You only have 7 days from activation of a new line or upgrade to sign up for the Premium Security Bundle and only new phones bought through Metro are eligible for this add-on.

Security Bundle

This bundle is not as packed as its premium sibling but does come with:

  • Name ID
  • McAfee Security with ID Theft Protection software

The McAfee Security feature provides anti-virus and anti-theft protection for up to 10 devices.

Metro’s Security Bundle add-on is priced at $5/month.

A La Carte Security Add-Ons

Just about all of the security features available in the Metro security bundles, as well as others, are available as standalone add-ons. These include:

  • Name ID—$2/month
  • McAfee Security for Metro by T-Mobile—$3/month
  • Call Detail—$1/month
  • Scam ID and Scam Block—Free

Metro by T-Mobile Entertainment Add-Ons

Metro (MetroPCS) only has one entertainment add-on available, but that’s still more than some other carriers offer.

CallerTunes powered by LISTEN

This fun add-on will replace the ringtone your incoming callers hear on their end with a tune of your choice. For just $5/month you get to choose 2 songs per month to entertain your friends with while they are waiting for you to answer their call.

Other Metro by T-Mobile Add-Ons

Google One 200GB

Google One comes free with Metro’s $50 and $60 unlimited plans. With this complimentary feature, you get:

  • 100GB of cloud storage
  • 24/7 access to help from Google experts
  • Additional members-only benefits

For just $1/month you can double your storage totaling to 200GB.

Premium Handset Protection Program

Available as a standalone add-on for $6/month or as part of the Premium Security Bundle (see above), Metro’s Premium Handset Protection Program provides your phone with insurance coverage from Assurant as well as McAfee Security for Metro by T-Mobile.

Covered in the program are:

  • Loss and theft of your device
  • Device malfunctions caused by electrical and mechanical malfunctions
  • Accidental damages, including damages from water and other liquids

Insurance can only be added within 7 days of activating a new phone.

Why Choose Metro by T-Mobile

MetroPCS/Metro by T-Mobile has been around for a long time. When choosing Metro, you can be confident you are switching to a carrier that has experience and knows what they are doing.

Before making your decision, check out these pros and cons of Metro by T-Mobile.


  • Coverage on T-Mobile’s trusted network
  • Prices for unlimited plans are less expensive than similar plans from major carriers
  • High deprioritization threshold compared to many other MVNOs (you may see slower speeds after 35GB of data usage in times of heavy network congestion)
  • Several store locations around the country


  • T-Mobile network coverage can be spotty in rural areas
  • Plan prices are on the high end when compared to other MVNOs
  • Hotspot allotment is low compared to other MVNOs
  • Must purchase higher-tiered plans in order to get access to perks like mobile hotspot, Google One and Amazon Prime