Metro by T-Mobile Protection Add-Ons

Device and data protection are just as important for your phone as for your laptop—perhaps even more so, considering how reliant we are on the tiny computer in our pockets. That’s why it’s important to know your options when it comes to your mobile carrier’s protection add-ons.

From blocking annoying telemarketers to protecting your phone from malicious threats, Metro by T-Mobile (formerly MetroPCS) has a protection for every annoyance. Here’s a breakdown of the Metro phone insurance and protection options you can add to your Metro plan, including those for your identity, device, and more.

Metro Protection Add-Ons at a Glance
Add-OnKey FeaturesPrice
McAfee Security for MetroAntivirus, malware, and phishing protection
Lost device tracking and shutdown
Identity theft detection
Website blocking
Call DetailAccess to 3 months of outgoing calls$1/mo.
NameIDReal-time caller ID
Reverse number lookup
Automatic scam blocking
Violation reporting
Scam ID/Scam BlockScam call identification
Number blocking
Spoofing prevention
Premium Handset ProtectionProtection against loss, theft, and accidental damage
Electrical or mechanical breakdown protection
Phone replacement

Threat Protection Add-Ons

Much like your home computer, your phone is susceptible to viruses, malware, and a host of other malicious invaders. Metro offers virus protection for your phone to make sure that you can browse the day away without worry.

McAfee Security for Metro by T-Mobile

McAfee is a renowned threat-protection powerhouse, especially when it comes to virus protection for your phone. Metro phone insurance customers can take advantage of this security expertise through the McAfee Security add-on product. For an additional $3 per month, you can protect up to 10 devices from common threats, including viruses, malicious apps, and more. You can add McAfee Security for Metro by T-Mobile as a standalone add-on or obtain it through one of Metro’s security bundles (more on those in a minute!).

McAfee Security for Metro by T-Mobile includes:

  • Protection for up to 10 smartphones, tablets, computers associated with your Metro by T-Mobile account
  • Antivirus protection and website blocking
  • Lost device tracking
  • Identity theft detection and resolution
  • Up to $1 million in identity theft insurance and reimbursement
  • Unsecured WiFi protection with “Safe WiFi” feature

Call Detail

Concerned that someone may have accessed your phone without your knowledge? Look no further than Call Detail. For $1 per month, Metro customers can access up to 3 months of your phone’s outgoing call history for a full snapshot of which numbers your phone has reached out to.

Protection Against Unwanted Calls

There’s nothing worse than getting bombarded with telemarketing calls and voicemails at all hours of the day. In an effort to help customers combat this nuisance, Metro by T-Mobile offers a number of call protection add-ons that will (hopefully) kick these scammers to the curb.


If you often find yourself the victim of phone scams, unwanted marketing ploys, and incoming calls from unknown numbers, NameiD may be the solution you’ve been looking for. For an extra $2 per month, you can prevent calls from unknown or blocked numbers from ever wasting your time. You can add NameiD to your Metro plan through your “My Account” portal or via the NameiD app specific to your smartphone.

NameiD includes:

  • Real-time caller ID
  • Reverse number lookup
  • Automatic scam blocking
  • Violation reporting

Scam ID and Scam Block

Not sure if you need all of the bells and whistles offered through NameiD? Scam ID and Scam Block each help filter unwanted calls for free—and they’re included with any Metro plan.

The Scam ID feature will alert you to any number that Metro suspects is fraudulent by displaying “Scam Likely” on your screen. Scam Block takes it one step further, by blocking those likely scam calls from reaching you at all. Additionally, Metro has added security features to prevent scam callers from faking your local area code and phone prefix so as to entice you to answer (called “neighborhood spoofing”). You control the activation of both features.

Security Bundle

With Metro by T-Mobile’s standard Security Bundle, you receive both the McAfee Security product and the NameiD add-on for an extra $5 per month. This gives you the full suite of calling protection options—such as real-time caller ID, scam call blocking, and violation reporting—plus online threat protection, including antivirus tools, identity theft insurance and reimbursement, and remote phone location and locking.

Metro by T-Mobile Handset Protection

Protecting your data and call log is only half the battle; your device needs protection too. Metro by T-Mobile helps you prepare for the worst through its Premium Handset Protection add-on. This device protection covers a number of scenarios and offers:

  • Phone insurance against theft or loss
  • Protection against accidental damage to your device
  • Protection against electrical malfunctions or mechanical breakdowns, post-warranty

The Premium Handset Protection program costs $6 per month and also includes the McAfee Security content protection product. If you choose, you can purchase just the device protection option (without the McAfee Security product) for $3 per month. Your deductible cost is based on whatever tier your particular device falls into, and you get 2 claims per 12 months.

When you purchase a new phone through Metro by T-Mobile, you have 7 days to enroll in phone insurance to protect your device. You can do so either online or in-store. Unfortunately, if you opt for bringing your own device (BYOD) to Metro, your phone is ineligible for Metro phone insurance.

Adding Protection to Your Metro Account

All Metro phone insurance and protection add-ons can be added online through your “My Account” feature once you’ve signed up for a Metro plan. You can also opt to sign up at a Metro by T-Mobile retail location, or you can call Metro’s customer service line for activation.

Because some of the add-ons and bundles include device protection, which is only available for a 7-day window after purchase, you may be required to call if you chose not to sign up online immediately when ordering (or in person, if you purchased your phone in a store). Just make sure you do so within that 7-day grace period—otherwise, you’re out of luck!