Metro by T-Mobile Plans

Formerly known as MetroPCS, Metro by T-Mobile is an MVNO that offers service on T-Mobile’s nationwide LTE network. With attractive pricing, robust unlimited options, and affordable add-ons, there are lots of reasons to consider a plan from Metro. Plus, the backing of T-Mobile’s nationwide network means you can expect reliable coverage anywhere you roam.

Metro Plans: Unlimited

Metro by T-Mobile offers a two affordable unlimited plans, both of which include features and perks that you typically find in more expensive postpaid plans.

$50 Unlimited$60 Unlimited
Price—1 line$50/month$60/month
Data DeprioritizationOver 35GB/monthOver 35GB/month
Mobile Hotspot5GB 4G LTE15GB 4G LTE
Video StreamingSDSD
Mexico & CanadaAdd-on onlyAdd-on only
International CallingAdd-on onlyAdd-on only
Extras100GB Google One storage100GB Google One storage
Amazon Prime

Both of Metro’s unlimited plans include a mobile hotspot allowance, 100GB of Google One storage, and a high 35GB data deprioritization threshold. The more expensive of the two gives you a bigger hotspot allowance (15GB) and an Amazon Prime membership.

Though the unlimited plans don’t include international talk and text, you have the option of adding them on for a relatively cheap monthly price. All plans come with Metro’s Scam ID and Scam Block protection service, so you can identify and prevent those pesky robocalls.

Metro Plans: Limited Data

Don’t need unlimited data? Lower your monthly cost with one of Metro by T-Mobile’s plans with limited data and choose the amount of data you want each month. Once you reach your 4G LTE data cap, your speeds will slow down (though you can also add an extra data package to get you through the rest of the month). Metro’s 10GB data plan also includes Music Unlimited streaming access. Like its unlimited plans, Metro by T-Mobile’s limited data plans include scam protection against spoofed and hijacked numbers.

Metro Family Plans

Metro by T-Mobile makes it easy to turn one of its prepaid plans into a family affair. You can add up to five lines to either of its unlimited data plans, as well as the 10GB limited data plan, and enjoy increased savings with each line you add.

10GB Data Plan$50 Unlimited Data Plan$60 Unlimited Data Plan
Single Line$40/month$50/month$60/month
2 lines$70/month$80/month$90/month
3 Lines$100/month$110/month$120/month
4 Lines$130/month$140/month$120/month
5 Lines$160/month$170/month$150/month
Savings per line$10 $20 $30+

The top-tier unlimited plan also offers an added multi-line bonus: You’ll get four lines for the price of three. Metro often offers additional limited-time multi-line deals, so check back to see if you can switch your plan and save.

Metro Plan Add-On Options

One of the benefits of prepaid plans is that you can shape them to fit your specific needs. Metro by T-Mobile offers a wide variety of add-ons so that your plan is perfect for you.

If you have other devices, like tablet or smartwatch, you can also add specific data options to connect those devices to your Metro account.

OptionsMonthly Price
Data add-ons2GB-10GB$5-20
Storage add-ons200GB-2TB Google One storage$1-8
International add-onsMexico talk and text
Canada talk and text
Global calling
Domestic add-ons300-1,000 minutes shared calling$3-10
Protection add-onsName ID
Scam ID and Scam Block
McAfee Security
Handset protection
Call detail
Security bundles
Entertainment add-onsCallerTunes ringbacks$5

Phones from Metro by T-Mobile

You can bring your own phone over to Metro by T-Mobile’s network or purchase a new one to go with your prepaid wireless plan. Metro offers all of the latest smartphones in their retail stores, including the most recent offerings from Apple, Samsung, and more. Plus, you’ll find in-store discounts and rebates on select models, though you don’t have the option of purchasing a new MetroPCS phone on monthly payments. You can see the full retail price of each phone below and pick your favorite phone to match your favorite plan.