Siemens SX56

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February 2003


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4 Stars out of 5


Reviewed on Thursday July 31, 2003 by , Montreal
Two reasons why I was not sure on how this phone would perform. First, Siemens phones have a bad reputation so far in Canada. However, this is changing and the c56 and sl55 are great examples. The other reason is that my experience with the Audiovox Thera was atrocious and I was to anxious about trying this model. Supprisingly, I found that this phone is great. Great screen, software is great and the modem is really fast( I was really surprised on how quick it could download a standard web page (not wap)). The only downside is the reception. Not that it is bad but gsm phones are always better on the 850 mhz in Canada. However, if you travel a lot this is a great thing because it will be compatible with the network overseas (900 mhz compatible). So far this is one of the best palm/pocket pc/ cellphone Ive used (also tested Audiovox thera, Kyocera 7135, Treo)