AT&T Monthly Data Plans for Tablets & Mobile Hotspots | 2 GB

$25 per month
  • 2 GB¹
Full Plan Details
Plan available in United States
Plan Type Monthly Data Plans for Tablets & Mobile Hotspots
Monthly Service Fee $25.00
Data Included 2 GB¹
Bonus Plans include Stream Saver²
Additional Data Usage Rate $10.00 for 500 MB
Notes ¹ Monthly Data Plans: Tablets must be compatible with the AT&T network and able to use an AT&T SIM card. Plans are good for 30 days. Unused data does not roll over. If you buy a Data Add-On, the data in your Add-On will be used first. It is recommended that you use most or all of the data in your plan before buying a Data Add-on. ² Stream Saver allows you to save data by streaming higher definition video at Standard Definition quality (about 480p). AT&T will turn it on for you and you can turn it off or on at any time. See for details.
More Information
Flexible & convenient – renew your data plan for up to 365 days after your plan expires. Plans include Stream Saver.

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