Novatel Wireless U950 Turbo Stick

Novatel Wireless U950 Turbo Stick Front View

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October 2009


  • SIM card
  • Global access
  • Speed: Up to 7.2 Mbps


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0 Stars out of 5

Absolute Garbage

Reviewed on Wednesday May 30, 2012 by , Cranbrook
I was actually impressed at how slow this thing is. It makes dial-up look like shining glory. The connection gets dropped on a regular basis and sometimes it just won't connect at all, even with full cell service. We receive random roaming charges even though it has never left Cranbrook and Bell ignores everything we say to them about this piece of trash.

1 Star out of 5

Stick is not good

Reviewed on Monday March 21, 2011 by , Peterborough, Ontario
We had one stick replaced under warranty as it gradually quit working. Now the second stick is doing the same.
1 Star out of 5


Reviewed on Friday December 10, 2010 by , London Ontario
Expensive JUNK ! Don't even consider BELL or this JUNK ! I live in rural London with no access to high speed, 4 months of billing -- $1500 (FIFTEEN HUNDRED)I refuse to pay this and now because I'm on a "bundle" up to date on payments, BELL is in the process of terminating ALL my services ?? RUN LIKE HELL !!
1 Star out of 5

Turbo Stick or Shaft

Reviewed on Saturday February 6, 2010 by , New Hamburg,On
I purchased my Turbo stick in late Dec./09 and got to use it once before it quit. I'm away a lot and returned it only to find it was "32" days since purchased and had to be sent away for repair. I await it's return as the invoices have reached $200 plus for less than 4 mg. of usage. So, Turbo stick or Turbo Shaft ???