Novatel Ovation MC950D USB Modem Reviews

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The Novatel Ovation MC950D USB Modem has an average user review score of 4 Stars out of 5 based on 6 reviews.

5 Stars out of 5


Reviewed on Tuesday July 5, 2011 by , indonesia
I am looking for rogers MC950D ​​modem driver PLEASE SEND ME THROUGH Imail
4 Stars out of 5

Good but...

Reviewed on Tuesday January 27, 2009 by , canada
First you need to update the driver. You can download it from :

Here find your device and you OS.

The installation was not that easy on mac OS 10.4.x but flawless on mac OS 10.5.x

The device works fine. Though the wwan on mac doesn't work and then you have your signal strengh neither the kind of network your are connected to. You still have a colored LED on the device that let you know if you are on EDGE or 3G. But that is not enough.

It's a big lack regarding the size of Rogers, Mac, Novatel company not to support completely the device.

By the way do not expect Rogers to help you out with any installation problem on Mac. They just do not know.

That's it.
3 Stars out of 5

Northern Ontario Usage

Reviewed on Saturday December 27, 2008 by , Kirkland Lake/Chaput Hughes, On
High speed internet was not available to my home through the wired phone system and dial-up ties up my phone line.
Satelite service is quite expensive.

The Roger rocketstick works ok but not as fast as they say it is to be up here in Northeastern Ontario I only get speeds of 129 kilobits per second as compared to speeds of up to 7.2 Megabits per second this is a huge difference.

Because it is charged by the amount of download/upload volumes, I don't have the same advantage of downloading movies or viewing tv shows like they do unless I really want to pay almost twice as much as they do. So there is a cost per use issue.

I also found that in some towns where my cell phone signal is very strong, the speeds I get with the stick are slower than dial-up, 32 kb/s. and I had to be close to a window with the stick pointing in the direction of the tower.

Other wise, the advantages are that the phone line is not longer tied up, I can access the internet almost anywhere, I am not tied to my house for internet service and it is cheaper that satellite internet. No intallation fee, technicians did not have to visit my home because it is plug and play. It is also cheaper than the similar servive that the other cell phone company is offering.
4 Stars out of 5

It works!

Reviewed on Friday December 5, 2008 by , Vancouver
This Internet stick works just fine, it really is "plug and play".

The service providers website said that there is no service in my area, but i was told by a friend to try anyways, because for some reason unknown to man kind, sometimes the website will tell you you wont get service in your area but you might.

I don't recommended you go out an buy an internet stick without knowing if it will really work, but if you know somebody that owns an internet stick, borrow it and try it in your area. if you live in a metropolitan area chances are it will work just about anywhere.
1 Star out of 5

Not Again EVER!

Reviewed on Saturday November 29, 2008 by , Calgary
True to form if its [service provider] its hopeless, you would think that the money they spend advertising to get people to sign up they would spend a little on client (to keep us) service NOPE!!!!

As usual they can sell the hec out of a product but when it comes time to help with either install or a simple question on how it works..... not a chance!

Against my better judgment I decided to try [service provider] again, knowing how bad there service was but things change and everyone deserves a second, third, fourth... well you get my drift. At any rate I decided to give them a try AGAIN, so I purchased there Ovation mobile high speed wireless card for my mac (Thank goodness I only signed a year contract). The sales person told me how easy it was to install (as long as your a rocket scientist with a few days off from NASA)you to can do it to. well its been a few days, plus four promises of rogers saying that they will send NEW and UPDATED instructions to my email, . Each day I call and tell them I havent recieved them and each day they say "hmmmm well that shouldn't be.... let me see what we can do......which as promised they do NOTHING. The last time I spoke with someone they said "oh it has been just crazy here today, just didnt have time to get to it, I will try tomorrow for you". mean while I sit, I PAY and I wait for there B.S. to turn into something good, ya like that will happen any time soon......

My recommendation is to RUN, RUN fast and hard. I hear a rumor that [service provider] is coming to Canada within the next 6 to 8 months. I can hardly wait as I use [service provider] exclusively in the US and they work like a charm, there client service is next to non so I am so looking forward to them coming to Canada to kick some serious [service provider] butt! I am so tired of empty promises from the ... good folks at [service provider].

So as for the review WHO KNOWS it may work it may not, but it is so difficult to install, I recommend Bell, the investment is similar, 2 gigs for $50.00 a month instead of 3 gigs for $60.00 BUT there Client service is Good and my daughter basically plugged it in her MAC and it started to work right out of the box. She travels across Canada extensively for work and so far she hasn't had a stich of problems. Guess I should have listened to her in the first place..... FIGURES!

All the Best,
5 Stars out of 5

Efin la vraie mobilité

Reviewed on Tuesday September 23, 2008 by , Chicoutimi
Quand je pense a mobilité, je pense complète mobilité. Bien entendu avec un tel portable il y a quelques fonctions pratiques... ex: mon Motorola Razr2 v9 me permet au service Mobile TV ( utile au resto... au lieu de lire un jourmal crasseux) et la radio-satellite. Bon il y a les mails que l'on reçcoit mais peut-on appeler ceci Full Mobile. Par contre mon iPAQ 6955 est plus performant qu'un Blackberry car un Pocket PC est en quelque sorte un mini laptop car il utilise les logiciels Office et Exchange. Mais la, avec mon Ovation c'est le top (imaginez la combinaison iPAQ, v9 et Ovation)plus de course au WiFi je m'installe ou je veux et je loggue mon Laptop et fais tout comme a la maison.

Exemple: vous avez un travail a finir, il fait beau. Bon mon réseau sans fil me permet d'aller dans ma cour pour faire ma tâche.... mais c'est beaucoup mieux sur une terrace !

En fait, cela permet a mon ordinateur portable d'être ce qui doit être par sa nature... accessible partout a plein rendement

Je donne un 5 étoiles sans hésitation !