Sony Ericsson T637 Reviews

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The Sony Ericsson T637 has an average user review score of 4 Stars out of 5 based on 3 reviews.

5 Stars out of 5

Great phone!!!

Reviewed on Saturday April 9, 2005 by , Montreal
I have this phone for several months now, and I can only say good things about this unit, this is a Really good phone. Exelent user freindly, the bluetooth is verry easy to use on this phone and verry useful.
Exept for the camera quality, this phone is complete, it is infra red, bluetooth, email, MMS capable. The screen is Great, the colours are brigt, crisp, also verry clear under sun light(day time).
5 Stars out of 5

Best Rogers Phone I've EVER used

Reviewed on Tuesday October 5, 2004 by , Vancouver
This is great phone. Sound quality and reception have been better than any phone I have used on the rogers network so far. The camera is easy to use, and the pic quality is great for a phone....... if you are looking for digital camera quality pictures, buy a digital camera!!

The menu is easy to navigate and the phone looks good too! My boyfriend is a technician for a dealer in Vancouver and he swears by this phone as well, if your going to take anyone's word on how good they are, take his...... he fixes phones everyday and has had NO complaints about this phone since it has been out.

Lucky for rogers and Sony Ericsson..... 99% of the population isn't as hard to please as some people!
3 Stars out of 5

A little evolution please?

Reviewed on Wednesday September 15, 2004 by , Laval, Quebec
First of all, I've never been a big Sony Ericsson fan. I've always found that this compagny was far more interested in flash and multimedia, before making a good reliable phone. I've used the T616 extensively, and even tough I was impressed with the menus and the games, the sound quality and reception were sub-par. So now we have its successor, the T637. Is it any better? Read below and find out!

Pros : Bluetooth. Sony Ericsson seems to be the only cellulare manufacturer that really knows how to make it works. You can use it to transfert data from a computer, another phone, even use it as a wireless modem! Motorola and Nokia should really learn from them when they want to make a decent Bluetooth phone (V600 anyone?). The screen has been upgraded, and it really shows. Gone is the STN screen of the T616 (wich was barely readable under sunlight), now we have a really nice TFT one. The menus are still as easy to use, and the polyphonic ring tones sound really good on that little phone. Lastly, the camera has been upgraded as well, but it still sucks, the images are really fuzzy, and unless you find a way to be perfectly still, don't expect much of it.

Cons : First and foremost, this phone is EXACTLY the same as the T616! Same menus, different keypad. It seems that Sony Ericsson has taken the same path as Nokia, just make esthetics changes and pretend its a brand new phone. the ring styles still have this annoying way of being ascendand, there's no way to hear them until the third ring. The connectors on the bottom are still as hard to connect and disconnect (the good old days of the A1228d all over again!).

All in all, its just a disapointement to see that they took the easy way when designing that phone...