Samsung Slyde M540 Reviews

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The Samsung Slyde M540 has an average user review score of 3 Stars out of 5 based on 40 reviews.

5 Stars out of 5

The Best

Reviewed on Wednesday July 13, 2011 by , Canada
I have had this phone for 2 and a half years. It is amazing. I have dropped it many times. Sure, it has had a few scratches but it is still a very amazing phone. There are very few phones out there that I would trade this phone for. I love it. It has been really good to me. I have no clue if they still make this phone though.
4 Stars out of 5


Reviewed on Friday November 13, 2009 by , Windsor
This phone is pretty nice, easy texting full qwerty keyboard which is nice. Also the back of the phone is also nice its like gel' so its pretty much impossible to scratch. The keys in the front of the font scratch VERY easily. And the T9 buttons are way to small. Which is sometimes a pain. But overal its a really nice phone. I'd reccomond it to anyone.
4 Stars out of 5

good phone

Reviewed on Monday November 9, 2009 by , calgary
i really like this phone! works good, fast interface. it does not freeze on me, even when texting as people say it does (i haven't texted much at all). the only thing i don't like is the bluetooth i don't know what it is but i can transfer the file from my computer to my phone, then the phone asks me to save so i save it then i can't find it it isn't in my files! other than that its great. it looks much nicer than on the internet, the phone feels nice and solid, like it could drop and it would survive easily which is good!
3 Stars out of 5

Like the Slyde but alarm problems

Reviewed on Wednesday September 30, 2009 by , Toronto
I've had this phone for almost a year and really like it. Haven't personally experienced any problems until now. I like the keyboard and now would not get another phone without it.

However the alarm has become a huge problem in the last week. I set one of the 3 alarms on the weekend for a time during the day. That alarm has now been turned off and is not set. However the alarm continues to go off each and every day at the time it was set for on the weekend EVEN THOUGH IT IS NOT TURNED ON. I have tried setting the same alarm (Alarm 1) for a different time. If I do that, it goes off at both the old time and the new time (while flashing the new time on the screen even though it is going off at the old time that it is not set for anymore). I have tried using one of the other alarms. The other alarm works at the correct time, but the old one continues to go off everyday even though it is not set to go off.

Since I started this problem I've done a lot of googling and many on Sprint (goes by Samsung Rant) also report this same problem with no apparent fix. If anyone has an answer please let me know. I can't have my alarm go off during the day every day when I'm at work.
5 Stars out of 5

Amazing Phone!

Reviewed on Monday September 14, 2009 by , Canada
The phone took a few days to get used to, and be able to find everything. But the textings really good on it, the cameras really nice , and the music plays really loud and clear :D The only thing, is i got mine from Kodoo and it only came in black. theres also not to many different cases you canbuy for it.

But realllly nice phone :D
3 Stars out of 5

Text Messaging Problem

Reviewed on Saturday August 22, 2009 by , Alberta
I love this phone but yesterday very suddenly while I was in the middle of a text, it froze, turned off and back on, and deleted all of my text messages in my inbox and outbox. When i went to send a message, it told me that my inbox is full and i have to delete my messages. So even though it said I had no messages, I delteted them and it said there was nothing to delete. Now my phone is pretty much useless since I only use it for texting.
4 Stars out of 5

Love it so far :)

Reviewed on Monday August 10, 2009 by , Canada
Hey i just got this phone,
PS. for those who are getting charged for the music player just put your music in sounds, it plays on a way cooler player, still has the pause, next, last controls and the song title!
I'm still getting used to QWERTY so i'm glad it has both keyboard styles. I got all the pictures I wanted on it and am in the process of putting my music on. The camera is actually decent, my LG Chocolate had 1.3MP, and it was super clear, this is one a little less clear but still nice and the "colour" setting makes you look normal and not washed out. My LG had 1000 characters like this one, it's great. Allows long text messages. I already had a SD card so that wasn't a problem. I really like the cool graphics when playing music or receiving/sending calls. Overall it seems great so far.
3 Stars out of 5

Picture Question.

Reviewed on Wednesday August 5, 2009 by , Burton, NB
Ok so I uploaded the pictures to my computer several times. But this time when I did it the pictures came up small.. I don't know what to do now? Some help please..
3 Stars out of 5

thought it was great

Reviewed on Sunday July 26, 2009 by , saint john
i had this phone for about 3 weeks and i just loved it but then i was holding it and it slipped outta my hand and bam the screen got a tiny chip in it and it was garbage :(
4 Stars out of 5

Love It : )

Reviewed on Sunday July 19, 2009 by , Vernon, BC
I just got this phone and I love it! If you love to text, this is a great phone for it. If your all about photos and downloading them, this phone isn't the best, due to the poor quality, and the fact that it doesn't come with a memory card. But if your like me, and has your own camera, (therefore not caring about the one on the phone) then it's fine. The phone does sometimes randomly turn off, but it doesn't actually turn off, the screen just goes back. It get's annoying if your in the the middle of a text, but you just go to "settings" and "display" to adjust the time the screen is on. I just leave the screen on for 15 seconds because when a message comes in, the screen comes to life. I don't really mind it. You can check your e-mail, go on the internet and buy ringtones, wallpaper, etc. The calling is also good. The phone has a built in mp3 player which allows you to download music and build a playlist. You can also download and play games. Overall, I love this phone. It is great for texting and has good phone quality. Again, the camera is not good, and the settings need to be adjusted but it's a phone, it's not all about the camera quality. This is a phone definately worth getting :)
1 Star out of 5

Terrible phone.

Reviewed on Sunday July 12, 2009 by , Canada
I actually loved the phone when i first got it (which was about 4 months ago), but mainly becasuse of the 'QWERTY' and the sliding..i thought it was pretty cool.
but then tragedy struck...dun dun dunnnnnn. 1. the camera is horrible 2. it doesnt come with a memory card, therefore uploading pictures is a bl**dy nightmare 3. it just randomly turns off 4. you cant set downloaded songs as ringtones (at least not that i know of)

i got this phone to replace my pay-as-you-go KRZR and now i'm completely regretting it.
4 Stars out of 5

Text Messaging Display

Reviewed on Tuesday June 30, 2009 by , Alberta
Hello! I just bought this phone and I seriously think I am in love (as long as it does not start to die on me after only a year).

The only problem I have come across is that the text messaging inbox shows the words from the message and not the name or number of the person who sent it. My LG Shine would show me the name of the sender and the first couple words. I would be happy for just the name of the sender.
Overall though if that is my only hardship that I have to get used to this samsung will be totally worth it. The LG Shine was nothing but problems after 6 months.

And I have to agree with other users that the pink is a nice touch!
3 Stars out of 5

Big Question??

Reviewed on Tuesday June 30, 2009 by , Edmonton , Alberta Canada
Hi I'm looking forward to buy this phone because I really like its features and its style but i have 1 question in my mind that I need an answer..I Just want to ask if there is a slot where I can put sim card on this phone??Just for accessibility reason if I transfer another country which uses sim cards ..Hoping for your quick reply regarding this matter..
4 Stars out of 5

The Rumor Done Right

Reviewed on Monday June 29, 2009 by , Saint John
I find this phone to be really good overall, often finding myself calling it, as the headline suggests, the LG Rumor done right.

This comparison is drawn mainly in the sense that the design of the Slyde could easily remind one of the Rumor. Both have the slide out QWERTY keyboard and "Candy Bar" styling, but that's mainly where the similarity ends. Complaints about the keyboard buttons sticking on the Rumor are rather common, while I have not found the same complaints of the Slyde. The battery life, for Samsung, is fairly average, while the Rumor appears to uphold LG's reputation for having less than stellar battery life. In terms of data rates, the Slyde also brings EVDO into the equation, whilst the Rumor only lends basic 1X.

My personal experience with the Slyde however has been rather positive. The camera quality is excellent, the keyboard makes text messaging a breeze and I never get a dropped call. TELUS does package their own Java based Music player on the device, and includes downloads for My Email and Messenger 2.0, both TELUS messaging applications.
4 Stars out of 5

mp3 for samsung M540

Reviewed on Friday June 26, 2009 by , Canada
I FINALLY figured out how to access my music on this phone. Press the ok button
camera & video
my albums
external memory

and that how you do it.
5 Stars out of 5


Reviewed on Monday June 22, 2009 by , Canada
this phone is THE BEST!!! sure, it's a little big and bulky, but it's awesome to text with, the internet is REALLY FAST (for a phone) :P, and the camera is 2 megapixels. Most phones only have 0.3 megapixels. This phone has awesome features, but the Telus music store is by far my favourite. The songs are only $1.49 each, which is A LOT easier then doing data transfer from your computer to your phone, trust me!!! But don't get a contract , get it prepaid!!! contracts suck, I wanted the pink Samsung slyde, but you can only get it with a contract, and with no contract, it is $230! and i got my black PREPAID one for $130!! If you want the pink one THAT bad, than get the black one but buy a pink case for it. THIS IS THE BEST PHONE EVERR!!!!
1 Star out of 5

Worst phone i've ever owned.

Reviewed on Thursday June 18, 2009 by , Cold Lake
There is really nothing good about this phone! it annoyed me when anytime i went online or to text anyone it would freeze up and then reset and say "entering service area". When we bought it we thought it was a good price (It hadjust dropped down from $230 to only $99 but by the end of the day i realized why. it's annoying when it beeps. We bought it to replace my KRZR last month and I'm going back to my old KRZR with the buttons falling off. this phone is garbage and i wouldn't recommend it to anyone!
3 Stars out of 5

I know how to get more texts

Reviewed on Sunday May 31, 2009 by , Stouffville
Hey, if you were having problems with the number of characters allowed in your messages, you can fix it. When you are about to txt look to the bottom when your jsut ahve to start texting, you'll see a thing that says more and have a few symbols beside it, go to the last one on ur right and that allows you to have 1000 characters, if you don't what im saying, look in the manual and its in the messaging section. Hope this helps!
5 Stars out of 5

to Derek, Newfoundland

Reviewed on Tuesday May 26, 2009 by , ottawa
you are texting in subject click down and voila!! 1000 letters!! no worries i did the same thing!! :P
4 Stars out of 5

love it

Reviewed on Tuesday May 26, 2009 by , ottawa
love the phone to death.. you can get it from telus.. a little advice i have, the pink one goes for 230 no contract and you have to buy the time card yourself... if you get the black one its only 130 and you get a free 50$ card to start you off.. if you are really hoping for pink like i was this is what i did.. i bought the black one and went on and bought a skin for 15$ in the end i saved 135$ very worth it and the phone is great. One thing i dont like about it is 1) when you send a text even if the name is saved in your phone it still brings you to the screen to save it afterwards. 2) if you send someone a long message they have to load it as a multimedia item and 3) i had a Motorola last and one thing i loved is that i could load pictures from my computer onto my phone by connecting it to my computer.. not too sure if this one does it yet.. after all it does come with a connection to your computer as well as earphones!! Enjoy!!!
3 Stars out of 5

Easy Loading Music & Pictures

Reviewed on Saturday May 16, 2009 by , BC
Had my M540 slide for a month now and love it. I know that alot of people are having issues with downloading music. Here is an easy fix especially if your using Vista. You need to convert your files, to do this there is a free file converter you can download called WMA Converter V1.8. Google it and it will take you to the download site. Once you have downloaded it open it up and follow the easy steps it gives you. Drag your music files into the converter and it will convert your songs to MP3 format. Once this is done all you have to do is plug your phone into your PC and save your songs to the Mass Storage Folder. You have to have the Memory Chip which you can pick up anywhere Bestbuy/Future Shop. Once you have saved the files to your mass storage you just start up your MP3 and you can now create Playlists from your song library.
2 Stars out of 5

....... pictures.

Reviewed on Friday May 8, 2009 by , Toronto, Ontario
HOLY CR*P, i can NOT figure out how to transfer all your pictures you have ALREADY taken onto your cp. Its impossible!
i have figured out how to somewhat do it, but i need a memory card for it! but i don't HAVE ONE. i just want my pictures i have that is in my phone my my pc....but it won't happen.
1 Star out of 5

mp3 player

Reviewed on Thursday April 30, 2009 by , calgary
I am trying to play my music from sd card from last 5 hrs i could not play ........... anyone can help me out
2 Stars out of 5

Good but texting limitations

Reviewed on Friday April 24, 2009 by , Newfoundland
I've had this phone for 2 days and I find it very easy to use. It is a bit heavy but not too big of a deal. I got it to replace a RAZR for the last 11 months of my 3 yr contract. Here is the only PROBLEM...When I text the phone only allows me to type 50 characters per message. This is so limiting. TELUS told me this is normal and cannot be changed, but I read postings of other TELUS clients having up to 1000 characters per text. Can anyone help me with this one. Thanks.
4 Stars out of 5


Reviewed on Monday April 20, 2009 by , vancouver
to save music to your phone you need to hook it up to the computer following the steps in the manual. When you open it up on vista you need to transfer all your files into PNP(whatever)_Music folder, you can not create a sub folder like you can in the _Pictures.
3 Stars out of 5

i hate my phone.

Reviewed on Sunday April 19, 2009 by , Ontario
I've had this phone for like four months now and its pretty durable but it scratches easy and it beeps extremly loudly when you get a text while texting and i have no idea how to turn it off, or if its even possible to be turned off. I also don't like how when it vibrates it vibrates insanely, like instead of just vibrating once it does three times, which is annoying when its in your pocket. Its also ugly.
3 Stars out of 5

Cumbersome and Annoying!

Reviewed on Monday April 6, 2009 by , toronto
I have been with rogers and have had quite a few phones. Here is the low down on this one:

-Looks cool
-For avid texters the QWERTY is great
-The screen turns sideways when you open the QWERTY keyboard and the buttons are quite easy to use
-you can still operate the phone without having to slide it out.
-Excellent "Tools" menu with many choices in addition to the the regular calculator and caleder
-Decent battery life and network reception
-Good audio quality on phone calls

-The camera SUCKS! the resolution is horrible and there is a 2sec lapse before the pic is taken. when you load the picture onto the computer its a very small size
- The vibration is so bad that sometimes it will be sitting in front of me on a wooden desk and i wont know its buzzing
- The phone itself is heavy and huge not at all like the sleek sony ericssons i have had
- the user interface is annoying and difficult to get the hang of (took me a week to figure out how to download and access songs)
-If you do not have a data plan you get charged everytime you access the music player since it runs on Java (on sonys you dont get charged)
-Choices for editing pictures are minimal and you cant change pics from landscape to portrait (wutha hell)
-I have had it for 2 months and i still dont know how to switch to a second incoming call and end the first one at the same time. Which also means i cant conference call btw two people who are calling me.
-No viewing options for text msgs- they show up in your inbox by subject and thats the way it will stay forever
-Even texting is kinda slow since the method to pick a contact, add a subject and add the msg requires uneccessary entries.
-Comes with a 2.5mm headphone jack and the headphones that come with it SUCK!
-in order to plug in the charger into the port or the headset into the jack, you have to pick out a plastic cover thing on the top which is a pain in the butt in the dark or when driving.
-Have fun if you are trying to load pics from a computer onto the ll take you forever to figure out where they went and how to use them as wallpaper

In conclusion, the phone is cumbersome and has weird quirks that make it difficult to get use to and to LIKE!...CANT wait to get rid of this phone!
2 Stars out of 5


Reviewed on Sunday April 5, 2009 by , toronto
when u dial the number, it shows the location like Ontario, is there anyway to get rid of that
3 Stars out of 5

My Reveiw

Reviewed on Tuesday March 24, 2009 by , Canada
Seems like everyone is having a problem with the media player...I have called and called and called Samsung and my service provider(Telus) and they have no idea...Has anyone gotten it to work???I have the sd card and have music on it...I plugged it into my friends black berry and it worked perfectly...Not as much trouble as the m540!!
5 Stars out of 5


Reviewed on Friday March 20, 2009 by , ontario
I just got my new phone yesterday (March 19th)and so far so good. I mainly bought it for the texting which is so easy to use. and you gotta love the colour pink too. :-)
5 Stars out of 5

What I think About the Phone

Reviewed on Friday February 20, 2009 by , Canada Ontario
This Phone is the perfect Texting Phone. It holds 100 texts in your inbox, and if it gets full and you receive a text, it asks you if you would like to delete the oldest text and continue. You can type up to 1000 characters in a text!

The Camera is a little slow, don't move it until it says its done saving or it will be blurry, but when you take the picture properly its good quality.

I Still cant figure out how to transfer files from my computer to the phone and vise-versa, It annoys me.

I bought this phone because I had a LG chocolate flip, and I regretted buying it a week after i bought it. It did however last me 2 years before it broke, I had it narrowed down to the LG Venus and the Samsung slyde, I chose the samsung because I had one before but had lost it, and that phone had bee through hell and back and worked incredible still, so Im hoping for the durability, I can be a klutz, lol.

All in all I think Its a fun Phone, and the Pink one has a flower design on the back So Cute!
3 Stars out of 5

just a question...

Reviewed on Monday February 9, 2009 by , edmonton
I really don't know what to think of this phone yet..... I like it but I have a question is anyone able to access msn messanger??? I have tried several times and only got on it once. when I spoke with telus the first time he said my phone was bad and i had to go into the store and get it fixed/replaced. but when I went in they told me the phone was to new and didnt have the feature yet.....but the technical support guy was able to access it on another phone and i got on it once. so I don't know what to think. I hate telus sometimes
3 Stars out of 5

Question ...

Reviewed on Friday February 6, 2009 by , estrie
Question :
bonjour, j'aimerais savoir combien coûte ce téléphone si je l'achète prépayer ( à carte ) ... Merci d'avance ... =)
4 Stars out of 5


Reviewed on Sunday February 1, 2009 by , vancouver
Yes you can also use the number keys on the front to text with i have this phone and it is great i love it! i recomend this phone to anyone.
4 Stars out of 5

another question

Reviewed on Friday January 30, 2009 by , canada
i am looking at getting this phone. it looks and sounds like a reliable phone from the reviews ive read.
my only question is if you can text on the front too or if you have to slide it open to text? i have the LG Keybo right now and i love texting with it open but i am a lot faster with the normal T9 keys. Is this the same with this phone?
3 Stars out of 5


Reviewed on Sunday January 18, 2009 by , ontario
How many text messages can you keep in your inbox on this phone?
3 Stars out of 5

Camera Question

Reviewed on Thursday January 15, 2009 by , canada
ok my question is just how do you get ur photos you have already taken onto ur computer.for example into your my documents????
4 Stars out of 5


Reviewed on Saturday January 10, 2009 by , Canada
I have wanted this phone for my birthday since It first came out. Now I have it and I love it! Its great for texting (As been said) and has many other great features. My only question about it is how I load it on to my computer so I can get my music files on it. Downloading my songs cant be the only way of putting music on it, right? Also, how do I get the memory card that is required to store files? How much is it? I would find out for my self but I have a very slow internet at home, and it is hard to search for information. Can anyone help me out?
5 Stars out of 5

Great Phone

Reviewed on Thursday January 1, 2009 by , Nova Scotia
I got this phone just before Christmas and I have had no problems. Its easy to text and call on which is mostly what I do. Texting is simple and easy. The keys are a good distance apart and sending never fails. The calls are clear and a good volume! I would reccomend this phone to anyone who asks.
5 Stars out of 5

Great Phone!!

Reviewed on Wednesday December 31, 2008 by , canada
This is a great phone. Its great for texting. A flaw it some time freezes when you slide it out. other than that its awesome.Battery life is good. I would recommend this phone to anyone