Samsung A436

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July 2007


  • Worldwide quadband phone
  • Embedded Camera
  • External display


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3 Stars out of 5

Not So Rugged

Reviewed on Monday August 16, 2010 by , Edmonton
I was wondering if anyone has had problems with the hinges breaking ? I may have dropped the phone a couple of times , from 3ft or less . It's only 9mths old , everything else served its purpose . I'm waiting from Samsung to see if it is covered . Rogers say they have to determine if it was abuse or not . It should be covered the way they promote there phone ....tbc
1 Star out of 5

Turns off by itself

Reviewed on Friday June 12, 2009 by , langley, bc
I just got this phone within the last 15 minutes of the store closing (my previous phone broke) and I will be returning this phone the instant the store opens tomorrow morning!

As I've been setting up my options the phone has turned itself off for no apparent reason at least 5 different times within the last 20 minutes - once it was because I think I jostled it a bit. I'm afraid that it will do the same while I'm talking to someone so I'm not risking it and returning this piece of garbage ASAP.
5 Stars out of 5


Reviewed on Thursday November 27, 2008 by , St. Marys, ON
I don't know where everyone is finding their problems with this phone!!!! Though it's definetly not really classy or anything, it works great! I've had mine for a few months, and my sister has owned one for a couple of years. We both really like them. Mine has never dropped a call, and is really clear when talking.The recorder and speaker are awesome, and the buttons never stick, and are easy to use, especially for really fast texting.It can be a bit stubborn sending messages at times, especially if you receive one right when you're trying to send one, but usually it works great. If you want a nice basic phone, this one is the way to go!!!!
5 Stars out of 5

Samsung A436

Reviewed on Monday May 5, 2008 by , Thunder Bay,ON
Got this phone free when I signed up for rogers. Since it was free, there was little room to complain. I also have a Sony Ericsson K750i(not availible in N.America), an extremely competent phone that beats the Samsung in every respect. Anyhow, the samsung is a simple phone, couple of trial games, standard ringtones, and nearly worthless camera.

However, it is very small, good looking, and the text is very nice and readable. I also like the features of deciding when the phone buttons light up (eg. only after 5pm etc)and the tip calculator.

In short, if you are looking for a no hassle, no frills phone, who uses the phone for what it is-to talk to people, look no further.