Nokia E71 Reviews

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The Nokia E71 has an average user review score of 2 Stars out of 5 based on 6 reviews.

4 Stars out of 5

An Honestly Good Smart Phone

Reviewed on Monday January 9, 2012 by , Michigan
The Nokia E71 is my first smart phone. I purchased it for use with my Straight Talk plan and so far, so good. The phone operates on the AT&T system and in my area, the reception is very good. It has the QWERTY keyboard and is quite user friendly. I am one of the minority who perfers this type of phone over the touchscreens or the pushout/hideaway type keyboards. The feel of the phone in your hand is great. It's thin and is the perfect weight. The features are wonderful and user friendly as well. It runs on the Symbian operating system, it's 3G and 3.5G capable and has a capable and quick processor. Even if the phone originally debuted in 2008, I would still say that it is a very competent smart phone today. In the two weeks I have owned it, I will say that it's the best phone that I have ever had. The Nokia Ovi store has lots of useful apps. for downloading and the app. for voice commanded text messaging etc. is great. One of the most surprising things about this phone is the battery power. It lasts much longer on a full charge than I expected for a phone this powerful. However, the whopping 1500mah battery (larger than the battery in the Iphone) takes quite a while to fully charge. The only things that I was not blown away with were the camera and speakerphone which I would say are both still about average. The camera is limited as far as how useful it is at taking quality photos in a variety of conditions and the speakerphone could be a bit louder. Other than those things, I think that this is a great smart phone offered by Straight Talk.
1 Star out of 5

not recommended

Reviewed on Monday April 26, 2010 by , hamilton
I just purchased this cell phone work work use and made it very clear to the rep that I needed a cell phone where I require access the net/email without changing plans from my pay as you go. She said this does have a web feature and I can do it on this cell. I'm EXTREMELY disappointed as I paid over $200 for the phone and can not access the net without having wifi or changing from pay as you go to monthly plan, which at this time will cost 35$ a month just for the net (not inc calls!) I currently pay 20$ a month for the pay as you go and that inc unlimited emails(web)/calls (20cents/min)/unlimited texting. When I went to go back to the Telus store they would not give refunds, or exchanges. In fact the rep was extremely rude and said she told me this would not work, which she did not. I then called the manager who was extremely rude as well, don't buy this phone! As a result I have had the phone unlocked and gone to another provider. I don't recommend Telus (I had been a happy client for about 10 years or so). Also I don't recommend this cell to anyone on a pay as you go!
1 Star out of 5

can prepaid clients receive email?

Reviewed on Monday January 18, 2010 by , toronto
I'm on pay as you go and I'm thinking about getting this phone mainly for the use of viewing/editing Word docs but what I want to know before buying is if the prepaid unlimited email ($5) feature will work on this phone... has anyone personally tried this? (I keep getting different answers from Telus reps)
1 Star out of 5

Just go with a BlackBerry Instead!

Reviewed on Wednesday January 13, 2010 by , Toronto
This phone can not handle a lot. I only use it for basic functions and it freezes a lot, the camera shuts off randomly for a month or two at a time, it is slow to load text messages among other things. It is the worst performance I have received from a Nokia phone and I am very dissatisfied. My next phone will most likely be a BlackBerry.
4 Stars out of 5

E71 Review

Reviewed on Friday April 17, 2009 by , Canada
The E71 is a strong phone with a lot of feature. Recommmendations for this phone would be for someone who has a strong knowledge of the Symbian OS.

Beginners should stay away from this handset as they could become overwhelmed with the features. Phone is strong with the Nokia Application store, MP3 Player, and 3.2MP Camera. However email is a pain in the butt to setup and will take sometime to get working.
4 Stars out of 5

Step Up

Reviewed on Wednesday January 7, 2009 by , Red Deer
I have to hand it to Nokia for building another extraordinary device. The E71 has picked up where the E61i had left off making it a much more sleeker device, with a better screen, camera FASTER Processor, and of course 3G.

There are a few things that have not been 'fixed' in my opinion.

1. USB charging- I am sorry but this should be a very basic function of any phone. It is a requirement, and why Nokia didn't add it .. I have no clue

2. Blackberry Connect- I am sad that Nokia decided to drop the blackberry connect features that were present on their older models. However what upsets me more is that Nokia Mail, the Mail program that replaced the Blackberry feature is not up to par to a decent mail push program.

3. Exchange Setup- I cannot argue about MSFT Exchange compatibility. However, setting up an exchange server is not as smooth as on the blackberry. The user has to figure out incoming and outgoing servers and ports.

But overall I was Very satisfied with the product, running its S60 Symbian OS to near perfection.