Nokia 3586i

Nokia 3586i Front View


Canada: Bell


September 2003


  • Colour screen
  • GPS capable
  • Internal wireless modem
  • Voice dialing


Latest Reviews

4 Stars out of 5

Great Phone

Reviewed on Saturday February 17, 2007 by , Lower Sackville, Nova Scotia
I am very pleased with my Nokia phone. I bought the phone in December 2004 and it still works like a charm. I just hope when it is time for me to purchase another phone I will still be able to buy a block phone with all the great features that my Nokia 3586i already has but with more updated phone qualities. Since I am only able to use one hand, using a flip or slide phone would be more difficult.
I am still old fashion though, as I do not want a phone which has a camera or a MP3 player. I just want a cell phone with great options and easy to use. The Nokia 3586i is all of that and as long as the phone is working I have no plans of buying another one.
5 Stars out of 5


Reviewed on Wednesday May 4, 2005 by , Newfoundland Canada
Now for me I can't really relate to any other cell phones because this is my first phone and my father owned a Motorola star-tac 3000, a micro-tac 650e while the star-tac was in repair, and now he owns a samsung a660 which i am not really fond of. This phone i bought about 3 months ago and it works just like it came out of the box except i have tweeked with it a bit. People are saying that the phone's battery is no good well here's a tip for you: when the phone says "battery low", thats when you charge it and wait until it is FULLY charged before taking it off!. This phone is perfect for business or personal use. if you drop stuff constantly, this phone won't crack until like the 20th drop but then you can still make calls like usual. the key-lock feature (menu+*)can save you a fortune if you keep your phone in your pocket. I bought my phone with Aliant (the only cell phone company outside St. John's) I got the prepaid plan where in which i buy cards when ever i run out of minutes.
5 Stars out of 5

Extremely tough phone

Reviewed on Saturday April 30, 2005 by , Winnipeg
I have owned this phone for 2 years and have had no problems in that time, the battery life is exceptional and only maybe 1 in 30 calls get dropped. It is an extremely durable. I am very hard on phones, I have dropped it on cement 20+ times and its never been damaged. I am only replacing it, because I ran it over with my truck and the dog got a hold of it and made it his new chew toy. Despite the screen/half the phone being crunched, the phone still works and still sends/receives calls! Unreal. The reception is good and the ring volume on 5 is very loud, a welcome site in a noisy enviroment. A nice feature is that if you set the alarm, you can shut the phone off and the alarm will still come on at the time you set it for. Nice if you want to save your battery power. If you looking for a very durable phone this is the phone for you!
5 Stars out of 5


Reviewed on Sunday October 31, 2004 by , moose jaw, sask
I have owned several cell phones and this is by far the best. I am in remote areas most of the time and have had no problem with reception or dropped calls. I have converted many of my co workers over to this model of phone and have not heard a complaint yet. Mine has been dropped countless times and has even been wet a few times and it has never failed. The last drop it took broke the screen and believe it or not the phone still works fine but will be getting a replacement.
As far as battery life goes I have not found it to be a big issue. I talk on the phone about an hour a day and it sits on standby 24 hours a day and needs charging every 2 or 3 days not a big deal to plug it in at night.
I have heard many people think Nokia phones are clunky and not as stylish as other brands of phones. I suppose if your looking for a fashion show maybe this is not the phone for you but if you want a good phone with usable features this is a good choice.
And to that other review who says the back of the phone were the battery is located is hard to get off is that not a good thing? I do not want my phone's case to be falling apart all the time. Its not that hard to take apart if you do it properly, and really what do you need to get inside your phone for anyways?