LG 8500 Chocolate Reviews

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The LG 8500 Chocolate has an average user review score of 3 Stars out of 5 based on 20 reviews.

1 Star out of 5

Worst Phone Ever

Reviewed on Friday December 19, 2008 by , Toronto
Horrible phone, terrible design. Not only is this phone ackward to hold, is slips out of your hand quite easily.

I had the LG Chocolate for about 2 months when my touch sensors began to fail. Took it in for repairs, everything was deleted, all of my contacts, pictures, games, ringtones, the whole bit. Got the phone back, had to enter everything back in again. Lost out on games and pics though.

This phone could not receive pictures from the LG Shine phone (funny, they're both LG) This problem was never resolved even though it was being under investigation for a while.

SD Card was draining my battery for no reason. I wasn't even using the MP3 player at all, but whenever the SD card was in the phone, my battery was toast in less then 12 hrs. Sent the phone in for repairs (once again everything was erased) This problem was never resolve.

Absolutely hated the fact that I could not talk with my hands-free while charging the phone, and no speaker phone was available.

This phone was great at being out the acne on my cheeks because it's screen is constantly touching the side of your face when you are using it.

I am only 1 1/2 years into my contract and my touch sensors are not working properly...again. I've given up. [service provider] is sending my a new phone for the cost of $100.00

Poorly designed phone.

Don't ever sign on a 3 year contract. These phones don't last.
1 Star out of 5

c'est de la .........!!!!!

Reviewed on Monday August 4, 2008 by , Thetford Mines
Non sérieux , au début oui j'avou l'avoir aimer , les photos étais génial le lecteur mp3 aussi bref tout allais bien , mais bon après 6 mois quelques bug se sont manifesté pour ensuite 1 ans 1/2 plus tard pouf plus rien, j'ai tout perdu mes contacts , j'ai du me racheter un cellulaire pour terminer mon term de 3 ans , j'ai pu revendre les écouteurs Bluetooth mais bon reste que savoir maintenant se que je sais je l'acheterais pas dutout!!!!!LG rester donc avec vos frigo laisser la thecno a ceux qui la connaisse !!!!
4 Stars out of 5

Pas pire du tout

Reviewed on Friday August 1, 2008 by , saint-eustache
Jai acheter le telephone il y a quelque mois, je le trouve vraiment bien equiper mais un peu compliquer a comprendre au debut mais bon se n'est vraiment rien comparer a se qu'il peut faire. Contrairement a d'autre personne qui le trouve desagreable et qui fonctionne mal, je n'ai pas de probleme j'usqua maintenan donc je laime bien...
1 Star out of 5

worst phone lg has made yet

Reviewed on Tuesday June 24, 2008 by , vancouver, Wa
lg is a widespread phone company and usually they have some satisfactory products but, the lg chocolate was a major downfall. by the time you figure out how to work the phone it has already broken and the touch is the key part to the phone and that is what broke first so lg stop trying to get a quick buck
1 Star out of 5


Reviewed on Sunday June 8, 2008 by , montreal
Anybody thinking of buying this phone seriously get your self an old startack its probably going to work a holl lot better then the LG CHOCOLATE even if they have about 15 years between one and other....... I personaly work for a cell phone provider and to be honnest with you guys NO WAY WILL I EVER SELL THIS PHONE TO SOMEONE....... OH and by they way for those of you that went out and just both it one a 3 year contract well start saving your money cause your soon going to have to buy a new phone regular price (thats if you dont wipe your phone on the wall) ;)
3 Stars out of 5

The Good and the Bad

Reviewed on Friday March 14, 2008 by , Toronto, Canada
What I love about my chocolate phone is that it has the SD card slot. I have downloaded several videos, movies, and songs to it. It keeps me entertained on the bus to and from work everyday.

What I hate about the phone is:
- the screen that scratches up easily, so you have to buy a protector for it.
- it takes a long time to load the music player if you have a lot of songs on your card. And scrolling through so many songs takes a long time, especially if you have cold hands.I most often have to hit the up or down button several times for the cursor to move.
- the number keys are extremely small and not made for big fingers
- my cheek sets off the add contact touch key when I make calls, making annoying beeping sounds.
- there is no speaker phone
- I subscribed to the Mobi TV service and most channels were shows for men watching women and cartoons. I dig cartoons, but they were the same ones playing every day. I unsubscribed after 2 weeks.
- I think it should come with at least one game. This phone is made to make money for the carriers. You pretty much get nothing free with this phone.
- My biggest pet peeve is the volume when listening to music with my headphones is extremely low. I even bought expensive earphones, which didn't help. When I'm on the bus, I can hardly hear the music. However when I watch one of the videos I've downloaded, they come out loud and clear.

Regardless of all the bad, I still enjoy my phone and hope LG makes some much needed improvements on future models.
1 Star out of 5

Absolutely hate it

Reviewed on Wednesday February 6, 2008 by , Bryson City NC
This is the worse phone I have ever owned. It totally quit working in less than 2 months and lost everything I had, no way to retrieve it. I had pics, text, contacts that I really wanted to keep. Well when I had to drive an hour to the closest repair shop, verizon has stores all around but few repair shops, they were rude and no help. They gave me another chocolate and I immediately had problems with it to. I ask if I could trade for something else and they said NO. I have been a loyal customer of theirs for over 10 years and they have completely been no help. Now this Chocolate quit working, same glitch. They don't seem to even care that this phone has a glitch. They should seriously call all of these back and give the customers some other type. It is a total failure. I wish they had a negative star rating because they would get a -10 from me.
3 Stars out of 5

Too loud

Reviewed on Wednesday January 9, 2008 by , Toronto
I just bought the new Chocolate Spin. When I speak with it, I can hear myself louder than the other person on the phone. Anyone has experienced the same ?? Thank you ! Merci !
4 Stars out of 5

Popir comme gadget

Reviewed on Tuesday December 18, 2007 by , Québec
bon voila que je vien tout juste de m'acheter le nouceau chocalate spin. a premiere vu c'est un telephone d'une grande beauté immitant un peu le Ipod a cause de ca petite molette(qui n'est pas tactil mais c'est bien une petite roulette) et voila que cette roulette me causse aussi des probleme, je suis tou le temp en train de L'accrocher et meme au niveau de sensibilité le plus bas je la trouve trop sensible. de plus c'est un telephone mp3 mais impossible de mettre c'est mp3 en sonnerie sauf en passant pas bitpim. et dernierement dans le lecteur mp3 le classement des chansons est assez mauvais meme si moi je le classe par dossier le programme de musique de [fournisseur de services] melange toute les chansons alors voila que J'écoute toujours mes chansons aléatoirement. mais c'est defaut n'enl:eve rien au fait que c'est un excellent telephone :P
1 Star out of 5

horrible phone

Reviewed on Saturday December 1, 2007 by , Truro
I purchase this phone in May. First repairs were needed in June, the vibrate and audio functions not working. Two weeks in the repairs department. They replace the FPCB. Second repairs were needed in July no display, phne auto scrolled, couldn't answer phone. They replaced the mother board. Three weeks in repairs. October dropping call and no reception. Replaced tge FPCB. Two weeks in shop. November the touch pads keys don't work...Not returned yet it's been two weeks. I am in a three year contact and my warrenty will be over in May. I spoke with the dealer GBS where I purchased my phone, was told I could have a new phone, due to the volume of defects with this phone. Went to get my phone and was told to deal with [service provider], that this wasn't their problem or issue. Contacted Dionne #6241 (Manager) He told me that when I purchase the phone it's Buyer Beware policy. So it's not their issue and I needed to contact LG repairs. I told them I would contact a lawyer and get back to him on the Buyers Beware solution. Now [service provider] is offering me a deal. They will give me a 350.00 credit on a new phone, BUT -- I need to resign a new three year contract with [service provider]. If I don't take this deal they will not fix my phone. Or I can buy a refurbish phone for 100.00. What kind of company is [service provider] and is this customer service. I would never recommend this phone to anyone or would I recommend dealing with [service provider] ever. Just Horrible service all over.....
3 Stars out of 5


Reviewed on Friday October 26, 2007 by , cnd
i had a few problems with the game, but otherwise its a good phone i never had anyother problems with it
4 Stars out of 5

not bad...

Reviewed on Wednesday September 26, 2007 by , Vancouver
I've had this phone for about 6 months now and have had no real problems with it.

When I first got it I did put a couple of people on mute if I put the phone against my face too quickly after I answer it before the screen locks again (it doesn't just randomly mute people), but once I figured that out I haven't had a problem since.

The buttons are a little small for my liking though I've gotten used to them and the default ringtones are fairly quiet even on the highest setting but overall I really like this phone. I've had VERY few dropped calls, great reception both in and out of the city, and the touch screen is very easy to use. I rarely use the music player so no opinion there, but the camera is the best I've ever had on a cell phone!! I do agree though that if you're rough on phones you might want to avoid this one if you plan on keeping it for a while.
1 Star out of 5

WORST phone everrrr.

Reviewed on Wednesday August 29, 2007 by , toronto
I'm not a very picky person, but this phone put me through hell and back. Not only did it mute on people, but it was a disaster to use! The phone felt very awkward in my hands.. and can be easily broken. I would NOT recommend it to ANYONE. No one should fall for its "good looks".

Anyone that says they like/love the phone have serious problems and/or are working for the company. This phone is a huge defect and a waste of my $. I was so VERY happy when it was stolen. I actually cried. Tears of joy.

Oh, and if i could give it 0 stars.. i would.
3 Stars out of 5

Touch sensor level

Reviewed on Thursday August 16, 2007 by , Canada
For those ppl who are having problems with the touch sensor...you can fix the sensor level by going to "Settings"-"Others"-"Touch Sensor Level" There are 4 choices Super, High, Medium and Low...Medium works well for me...i give it a 3/5...becuz the music player doesnt work that well for me...it freezes and reboot the cell...it wouldn't read the mirco sd card at all...it worked perfectly for about 5 months with no problem...also i have the same issue with the volume...its too quiet even if i put on the highest level
1 Star out of 5

not happy

Reviewed on Saturday July 14, 2007 by , toronto
Purchased this phone on a 3 year plan within 8 weeks stopped working properly. When we took it back the [service provider] Store said too bad. It must be your fault and now it is going to cost you.
I'm am very disappointed in this phone and the lack of customer service and when my contract ends I will be returning to [service provider] as I never had a problem with them
4 Stars out of 5

the lg chocolate

Reviewed on Thursday July 12, 2007 by , B.C
lg chocolate phone is a great phone but there is one down side to the chocolate the front keys are very sensative so somtimes u end up randomly deleting things or somthing like that.But i'm very happy with this phone!
1 Star out of 5

Bof bof bof et re-bof

Reviewed on Monday March 5, 2007 by , montreal
J'aurais donc bin dû m'informer avant d'acheter ce téléphone. Le son du mp3 est en effet tellement peu puissant que seule l'écoute dans un milieu tranquille tel que chez soi est acceptable. Mais chez soi, et bien, on a les ordis, la radio. J'ai acheté le Chocolate pour écouter mes mp3 dans le métro, voire dans la rue. Et même dans la rue le bruit ambiant ne me laisse que deviner la mélodie de ce qui joue. Et ce quelque soit le casque, c vraiment un problème de son interne.
Ensuite, Telus bloque tout ce qui nous permettrait d'attribuer un mp3 ou un fichier midi de notre goût comme sonnerie. C'est complètement stupide. Le même téléphone chez Verizon le permet.
Et je vais changer dès que je le peux, c'est-à-dire dans 2 ans. Ensuite pour le téléphone, les touches sont beaucoup trop sensibles même en les paramétrant à la sensibilité minimum.
5 Stars out of 5

so sik

Reviewed on Friday February 2, 2007 by , tutty
the lg chocolate from telus is amazing. it has everything you need in a phone such as a camera, music player, and internet capabilities. it is by far the best phone i have owned. when buying this phone you will need to buy a micro sd card to put music on it plus a special usb cable to transfer data on to the phone. i was disappointed hoping one would come with the phone but its all good.
4 Stars out of 5

LG Chocolate

Reviewed on Sunday December 31, 2006 by , Edmonton
I have had this phone for a little over a month now, have had very few dropped calls, overall one of the best phones I have had from Telus. the only problem I have found is that the volume on the MP3 player is extremely QUIET, I don't recommend this phone for anyone who intends to listen to music on it alot. and the downloads for music from Telus is also quite pricey.
5 Stars out of 5

Awesome Phone

Reviewed on Wednesday November 8, 2006 by , kamloops
This is a really nice phone i just bought one and I love it you couldnt ask for more!