HTC 6250 Reviews

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The HTC 6250 has an average user review score of 3 Stars out of 5 based on 3 reviews.

2 Stars out of 5

Not the greatest, but works...sometimes

Reviewed on Monday July 16, 2012 by , Winnipeg
This phone works great when it is not freezing. You can dial and number and sometimes it does take 20 secs to respond. Sometimes it just needs to be rebooted. With only a 533 mhz processor don't expect too much. Good phone to tinker around with apps. I would recommend turning off auto update and wifi when not in use. If I use it all day I can get half a days worth of battery out of it.
5 Stars out of 5

Very Nice Phone

Reviewed on Sunday January 29, 2012 by , Winnipeg
This phone is actually amazing! It is exactley just like the iPhone, but has a few less apps on the app store and is slightley diffrent in a few minor ways. Battery is fantastic and I love going on Youtube and the internet with this phone. The camera on this phone is actually amazing, and the auto-focus is incredible. The only negative thing about this phone would be that it is 2 years old, so there are nicer phones out there. But, if you are looking for an awesome phone that is almost like an iPhone/Blackberry mix, then this is the phone for you. 5 stars forsure!
1 Star out of 5

would not suggest buying this phone

Reviewed on Thursday November 3, 2011 by , winnipeg
I've had this phone for over a year, and it is not good. The battery holds very little charge. The features freeze quite often mkinf it necessary to either turn the phone off or take of the battery to restart the phone. Quite often when the alarm goes off when i try to turn it off the phone goes hay wire the alarm starts skipping and will not turn off I have to turn the phone off and start it againg to stop the alarm. When I turn the phone off it often turns its self back on. The time on the screen saver doesnt always update it i check the phone then an hour latter check it again and the same time from an hour ago is still displayed. When the phone rings it rings 3 times before the call becomes visible on th screen so it can be answred. Quite often phone calls dont even come through on the phone it just goes straight to voiicemail without ringing and it doent show a call was missed. After a voicmail has been left a notification show on the screen, after deleting the voicemail the notification for a voicemail still appears on the screen, to make it go away I have to call my voicemail again and only then will it go away. When making phone calls after I dial the number and press call there is about a 20 second delay before the phone actually starts making the call. This phone is horrible!!! Sav yourself the agany and don not buy this phone.