T-Mobile Prepaid Add-ons

Features, services and add-ons are available with select plans and devices. Conditions may apply.

ONE Prepaid On-Demand HD Pass

$3 per day

Add an On-Demand HD pass to your ONE Prepaid plan and get 24 hours of streaming HD for just $3.
Plus tax. Turn on daily.

T-Mobile Prepaid Tourist Plan

$30 for 3 weeks

Visiting the U.S.? No more hunting for Wi-Fi, paying for roaming fees or paying for a full month’s service. This 3-week plan automatically expires after 21 days and gives you:
  • A SIM Card to use in your GSM-compatible unlocked phone
  • 1000 minutes of talk to any number in the U.S.
  • Unlimited texts to U.S. and international numbers in 140+ countries and destinations
  • Unlimited domestic data
  • Up to 2GB of 4G LTE data with mobile hotspot access
Domestic U.S. use only. If network is congested, some customers using >50GB/mo. may have reduced speeds. Video typically streams at 480p.

Prepaid Mexico + Canada Unlimited

$10 per month

Get unlimited calling to and from Mexico and Canada (including mobile numbers).
Use your 4G LTE data while in Mexico and Canada just like you in the U.S.
Qualifying plan and capable device required. Not for extended international use.

Prepaid Stateside International Talk with mobile

$15 per month

The easiest and most convenient way to stay connected with friends and family abroad. Call from the U.S., Mexico and Canada to other countries? landlines or mobile phones. Service includes:

  • Unlimited calling to landlines in 70+ countries
  • Unlimited mobile-to-mobile calling to 30+ countries
  • Discounted calling rates to all numbers in 200+ countries
  • Unlimited texting to virtually anywhere at no extra charge
Current customers: Update your plan to include Mexico and Canada?at no extra charge. The Simple Choice North America plan includes unlimited calling and texting to and from the U.S., Mexico, and Canada and use your high speed data like you do at home, at no extra charge. St Helena and Wallis & Futuna not included. Some countries may block text messages.

The above Add-ons are available in United States from T-Mobile.

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