T-Mobile Plans

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T-Mobile Plans Overview

T-Mobile wields the second-best coverage in the country.

The Un-carrier offers a host of feature-rich unlimited plans that are some of our industry favorites.

Get Netflix for all and an excellent multi-line discount with T-Mobile’s family plans.

If you’re going abroad, all you need is one of T-Mobile’s postpaid unlimited plans to stay connected via text and data at no additional cost.

T-Mobile’s prepaid offerings are limited.

T-Mobile is known as the “Un-carrier” for a reason. It’s the only major carrier that includes taxes, surcharges, and fees in their monthly data plans. It also offers customers 59% nationwide 4G LTE data coverage via the second-largest network of big the four carriers (a group that also includes Verizon, AT&T, and Sprint). While it doesn’t offer a wide variety of plans, its unlimited plans, family plans, and travel plans are some of the best in the mobile market. Take a look at what T-Mobile can give you (and your family).

T-Mobile Plans with Unlimited Data

T-Mobile’s unlimited data plans come with high data deprioritization thresholds, tons of perks, data and texting abroad, and unlimited nationwide talk and text.

Note that the least expensive unlimited plan, called the Essentials plan, doesn’t include taxes and fees like the Magenta and Magenta Plus plans. So, the Essentials plan might seem cheaper at first, but it might actually end up costing only slightly less or the same in the end—and you get less from it, too.

T-Mobile Unlimited Plans
Unlimited Plan NameData De-Prioritization ThresholdHotspot DataInternationalVideo QualityPerks
EssentialsData subject to slowing when the network is busy, especially after 50GB of data has been usedUnlimited 3GUnlimited talk, text, and 2G data in Mexico & Canada

Unlimited texting in 210+ destinations
480p DVD Quality Free stuff every week
Magenta50GB3GB of 4G LTE

Unlimited 3G
Unlimited talk, text, and 2G data in Mexico & Canada

5GB of 4G data in Mexico & Canada

Unlimited texting in 210+ destinations

1 hour in-flight WiFi
480p DVD QualityFree stuff every week

Taxes and fees included

Free Netflix, 1 screen SD*
Magenta Plus50GB20GB of 4G LTE

Unlimited 3G
Unlimited talk, text, and 2G data in Mexico & Canada

5GB of 4G data in Mexico & Canada

Unlimited texting in 210+ destinations

Unlimited in-flight WiFi
1080p HD QualityFree stuff every week

Taxes and fees included

Free Netflix, 2 screens HD*

Name ID

Voicemail to text

* Requires 2+ lines

T-Mobile Plans for Families

T-Mobile’s family plans give customers a bigger discount with every line they add to their plan. Those discounts are so good that you’d be silly not to add more lines if you can use them. Other carriers offer a similar family plan discounts, but T-Mobile also tends to offer special promotions like giving out a third line free—for the life of the account.

Total Monthly Savings
Plan Name2 Lines3 Lines4 Lines5 Lines
Magenta Plus$20$75$130$185

Prepaid T-Mobile Plans

If you’re trying to avoid surprise fees or just want to avoid the credit check, going for a prepaid plan can be a great option for you. T-Mobile offers three good prepaid options, all of which include talk and text (the more expensive of the two also includes unlimited data). Note that none of the three give you Mexico and Canada talk, text, or data privileges.

Prepaid T-Mobile Plans
Prepaid Plan NameData De-Prioritization ThresholdHotspot DataVideo QualityKey Prepaid Differences
Simply Prepaid10GB

Data slowed to 2G speeds after 10GB is used
n/a480p DVD Qualityn/a
Simply Prepaid Unlimited50GBUnlimited 3G480p DVD QualityOn-device data speeds are prioritized over hotspot

No included perks
Simply Prepaid Unlimited Plus50GB10GB of 4G LTE

Unlimited 3G
480p DVD QualityOn-device data speeds are prioritized over hotspot

Lower video quality than top postpaid unlimited plan

No included perks

T-Mobile Plans for Traveling Abroad

Once you sign up for T-Mobile’s Magenta or Magenta Plus plan, then you’re ready to go abroad! You don’t even need to call T-Mobile to activate international roaming. These plans even give you data on your flight there (on eligible flights). However, if you’re hoping to make a lot of calls while you’re outside of the U.S., Mexico, or Canada, then it’s best to add-on international calling for an additional monthly fee. Check out what T-Mobile has to offer you for your next trip!

T-Mobile Travel Perks
Plan/Add-on NameTalk/Text/Data Mexico & CanadaTalk 210+
Text 210+
Data 210+
EssentialsUnlimited talk, text, and data speeds up to 128Kbps.$0.25/minuteUnlimitedn/a
MagentaUnlimited talk, text, and 2G data.$0.25/minuteUnlimitedUnlimited 128Kbps
Magenta Plus5GB of 4G LTE data

Unlimited talk, text, and 2G data.
$0.25/minuteUnlimitedUnlimited 256Kbps
Stateside International Talk*n/aUnlimited to landlines in 70+ countries and mobile lines in 30+ countriesSee your primary plann/a
International Pass*n/aUnlimitedn/a512MB of 4G LTE
5GB International Pass*n/aUnlimitedn/a5GB of 4G LTE
15GB International Pass*n/aUnlimitedn/a15GB of 4G LTE

*Optional add-on with qualifying plan.

T-Mobile Plan Coverage

T-Mobile provides 59% nationwide 4G LTE coverage—second-most in the country. For comparison, AT&T offers 58% coverage, Verizon offers 70% coverage, and Sprint offers 27% coverage.

T-Mobile is constantly broadening its 4G network—not to mention launching a 5G one—so you can expect coverage to improve in the months and years to come.

T-Mobile Plan Recap

  • T-Mobile offers some of the best unlimited data plans on the mobile market, and some of them even let you stay connected while you’re abroad at no additional cost.
  • The Un-carrier’s family plans offer great discounts and include nice perks like free Netflix.
  • If it’s prepaid plans you’re looking for, T-Mobile offers some good options, but AT&T’s and Verizon’s prepaid plans are also worth a look before you make the switch.
  • Regardless of which T-Mobile plan you choose, you’re very likely to get 4G LTE coverage because it has the  second biggest network in the nation.