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Nokia Phones and Smartphones

Nokia is a huge Finnish company based out of Espoo Finland and founded all the way back in 1865. The company is a big name in tech where they specialize in making telecommunications and networking equipment, electronics, and mobile phones. In fact, in the late 90s, Nokia became the best-selling mobile phone brand in the world. Eventually, however, Nokia would begin to see struggles in their mobile phone sales and would sell their mobile division to Microsoft. Years later Microsoft would sell their Nokia phone business to HMD, also based out of Espoo Finland.

HMD remains the licensed manufacturer of Nokia branded phones sold throughout the world (except in Japan).

Nokia phones have had quite a history when it comes to their operating systems with their devices formerly running on Nokia’s own Symbian operating system. Eventually, Nokia would partner with Microsoft and begin running phones on the Microsoft mobile operating system which led to the Microsoft purchasing Nokia—then the biggest phone brand on Windows Phone. Finally, after HMD took over licensing for Nokia phones, their device began using Android.

It is very clear that Nokia isn’t the big-name it once was in the mobile world. After all, they aren’t Apple or Samsung. However, Nokia has been successful in creating some solid phones. Their flagship Nokia 9 PureView, for instance, has received some very positive reviews. Packed with 5 rear cameras—you read that right, FIVE—the Nokia 9 PureView is definitely a unique phone. This camera system allows the phone to capture an incredible amount of depth, giving users a chance to snap some amazing pictures.

Price is one advantage Nokia has over its competitors. Their flagship devices tend to run much cheaper than the big-name brands while having all the familiar features the modern smartphone user expects and demands.

Nokia also makes low-range and mid-range phones. Depending on the device, you should be able to find Nokia phones from a wide variety of carriers.

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