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HTC Smartphones

Founded in 1997, HTC is a Taiwanese electronics company based out of Xindian, New Taipei City, Taiwan. A pioneer in the smartphone industry, HTC was the first manufacturer to release a phone using the Android operating system (HTC Dream). HTC even helped Google develop its own phone, the Pixel, before selling a gigantic chunk of its design team and intellectual property to the tech giant.

Even after the monumental downsizing, HTC has continued to manufacture phones albeit at a much slower pace than when they were dominant in the industry. Their smartphones range from simple budget phones to high-end devices. While HTC isn’t exactly a household name, and they have a very small share of the market compared to the giants Apple and Samsung, their phones are often favorites among tech critics.

When available, HTC phones are usually offered through the big-name carriers AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, and Verizon. Prices for HTC phones range from about $200 to $800.

Here are some details on just a few of HTC’s phones.


The HTC One SV is one of the several affordable smartphones in the HTC lineup. Its simplistic design is perfect for those who prefer function over form and don’t need their phone to be a fashion accessory.

None of the major carriers sell the HTC ONE SV, but you might be able to get it from smaller MVNOs like Gen Mobile. Of course, you could also buy it unlocked from a retailer and bring it to the carrier of your choice.

HTC 10

Originally released in 2016, the HTC 10 is one of the company’s high-end phones. Packed with features like a powerful processor, software enhanced front- and rear-facing cameras, the HTC 10 is a phone designed to meet the needs of all sorts of mobile users. The HTC 10 is not available directly through the major carriers, but you might be able to get your hands on it through smaller carriers like US Mobile or other retailers.

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