Samsung F266

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February 2009


  • MP3 player & FM radio
  • Bluetooth technology
  • Slider form factor


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4 Stars out of 5

Good Phone

Reviewed on Sunday March 22, 2009 by , Canada
I bought this Phone from Fido with a plan.
The Fido guy told me it was better than the "MOTO Z6W" "Samsung SGH-E747" and "Samsung SGH-A736" which were my choices to start off with.
This phone cost me 25$ with a plan, it is 150$ without.

MAIN MENU: The main menu is simple, but when inside a menu option it is sort of confusnig and takes awhile to get used to. It has extra junk in the menu that isnt really usefully and junk.

DISPLAY: It is a nice looking phone, good screen size. flips nicely. Has 7 button funtions on the front while unflipped. 4 of which you change to your own style and 2 very side ones are not changable, one links to the email the other to the internet which is rather annoying and there is no phone lock. The phone overall is a good stylist phone.

LAYOUT: The phone has 6 wallpapers that are just eh, the ringtones are nice. You can change the font size and color when dailing a #, and i think size small still too big! The thing that bothers me is the 'theme' Moto would have different display themes, and this phone does not. So every time your in the menu it is a black background, with white letters highlighted with ORANGE when you chose something - I find that ugly! You can turn the keytone beeps off, but everytime you change something in the menu it will make a sound saying its saved which you cannot turn off, which I personally would. Plus you may find texting a bit difficult if youre a texting type since the buttons are small, but you can get used to it.

MEDIA: Everything works perfectly, one problem I noticed people have was the PC Studio Program that it comes with. YOU DONT HAVE TO USE THIS. You cau use Media Player for example to import music. The Program isnt hard or confusing either way. I did not have a problem putting music such as mp3s, pictures, files onto my cellphone. But you cannot use the music as ringtones, but so what? Theyre ringtones are fine. It has 37 MB internal memory, I'd suggest to get the 2GB chip it is 20.00$, it comes VERY handy to add music and extra items onto the phone.

EXTRA: Bluetooth, 850/1800/1900MHz, Built-in handsfree speaker + earphones which you can use as well to talk from, Vibrating alert (is weak) Has yahoo, msn, email for those messenger junkies. Radio YES. Talk time 8 hours, 7 days stand by, Battery life very good, and there is an any key answer, No keypad lock, but it does lock while closed, PC Synchronization and Serial Connection- yes

When you buy this phone it comes with an USB Cord, A charager. You can charage you phone from both. There is a 50$ warrenty on 3 years, Samsung is very tough but in case 50$ is nothing for 3 years. A USB Adpartor (which the guy gave me for free) and suggested not to use it unless i dont have the USB cord. Also comes with earphones and with the program I mentioned + user guide.

Overall, Buy this phone if your interested, I personally like it, good sound for mp3, no dropped calls, good batttery life, easy to use and quick to learn. Its better than the Fido ones I mentioned which are on the Fido market!