Samsung A670

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October 2004


  • Built-in Digital Camera
  • Picture Messaging
  • Downloadable Ringtones
  • External display

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4 Stars out of 5

The Best Mobile Phoned Offered By Samsung Under Telus...

Reviewed on Friday February 10, 2006 by , Toronto
The Samsung A670 is, in my opinion, one of the best phones offered under Telus. The newly released A840, which I'm assuming replaces the now obsolete A670, does not have the same features (and cool look) as the A670.
The A670 has an inner and outer 65K colour screens (a combination that's increasingly rare on flip phones). The inner display has bright, crisp and richly saturated colours - a nice feature for showing off pictures taken using the 0.3 MP digital camera. The outer display, however, is a tad less crisp and bright, probably due to the fact that it's a CSTN display rather than a TFT.
The camera takes GREAT pictures, better than that of other phones in this class.
My only complaint with this phone is the inaccurate battery meter. It'll go down to one bar in two days, but will last for another two. Also, when incoming callers are assigned to pictures in the picture album, they won't appear on the outer display, which kind of defeats the purpose of an external colour display. It, however, can be used for self portraits.
Aside from the usual standard features outlined above, it's a nice, compact and light weight phone and I would definitely recommend this phone to any Telus client... if they still have them in stock!
5 Stars out of 5

great phone

Reviewed on Tuesday September 13, 2005 by , london
This phone is awsome bug buttons awsome display, on my phone the first to battery bars go very quick but the last bar lasts 3-4 days and i txt a least 100 a day 20-50 letters a txt so alot of buttons being pushed
5 Stars out of 5

Nice phone

Reviewed on Tuesday February 22, 2005 by , Vancouver
I really like this phone it has alot of nice features. it has a nice and clear camera witch is nice to play with. and of course its good for making calls
5 Stars out of 5

Very Good

Reviewed on Friday January 21, 2005 by , Barrie
I have found this phone to be exceptional. I use it for everything and I can't believe how good the quality of the pictures are. Using the built in flash, makes night pictures as clear as day. Reception for this phone is also very strong and so far the battery life seems to be very good.