Samsung A650


June 2004


  • 1X Dual band Tri-mode
  • 65K Colour display
  • Downloadable ringtones, images & games
  • Voice memo

Latest Reviews

3 Stars out of 5

Not that good

Reviewed on Tuesday July 17, 2007 by , Ontario
Reasonably happy with the phone except for a few things. I've never had the battery last any more than 8 hours because of being indoors and switching to analog. The battery does get hot when in use.

My wife's A650 has broken at the hinge... the spring is gone and if allowed, it come completely apart.

My A650 is cracked at the same spot on the hinge. My phone has been dropped a couple times but never on the hinge. My wife's has never been dropped. They are two years out of the box though, but short of the three year contract we have.

It would be nice to open it with one hand.
2 Stars out of 5


Reviewed on Saturday July 23, 2005 by , San Diego
I returned my new LG6190 (fastap) because the phone gets very hot after 5 minutes.
1 Star out of 5

Please look elsewhere

Reviewed on Sunday June 12, 2005 by , New York
Major reliability problems. Temperature. My first two of these failed for no apparent reason. Very difficult to open. With so many good cell phones on the market this is just a loss leader giveaway for major carriers.
4 Stars out of 5

Basic but rock solid

Reviewed on Friday January 7, 2005 by , Ottawa
I returned my new LG6190 (fastap) because I was not happy with sound quality, reception, the camera (only .3 megapixals) or even for that matter, the fastap feature... too many buttons.
I took the Samsung 650 only as a temporary solution until the LG535 hit the streets. However, it did not take long to realize that what features this phone does have all seem to function better then the LG6190... much better sound quality/volume and range. I was not able to get reception in my office at work with the 6190 but have no problem with the 650. Also people I talked to on the LG6190 realized immediatly that this phone sounded better on there end too. Although the 650 is not a feature pig, it is, in my opinion, an excellent basic phone, very solid and stylish looking, nice and small and it keeps my hands warm during our cold Canadian winters. If you are not into phones with a camera, MP3 players etc. this is an exceptional choice. I highly recommend this phone!!