Nokia E62

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Canada: Fido, Rogers


August 2006


  • Quadband world phone
  • Full messaging keyboard
  • 90 MB Memory (expandable to 2 GB with ext memory)
  • Bluetooth & Infrared


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5 Stars out of 5

Nokia E62 is Amazing!!

Reviewed on Thursday September 7, 2006 by , Toronto
Nokia really got it right with the new E62!

This email device is thin (much thinner than BlackBerries or Treos), has a gorgeous and bright screen (16 million colors), and a comfortable and responsive keyboard. The material quality is much higher than I have seen in similar types of email devices, and the back - instead of the usual plastic the others use - is magnesium, so it's both very durable and gives a solid, professional feel.

It comes available with many email options for both your personal email and secure push email options for your company messaging such as BlackBerry Connect, GoodLink, ActiveSync, Intellisync, Visto and more. Each carrier provides different email options. Message writing and sending was a breeze, and I became one with the keyboard almost instantly. I type faster on this device than any other I have tried, and my hands don't get sore like on others.

The E62 also handles documents such as Word, Excel, and PowerPoint - you can open documents, edit them, save and send them back out. You can even print them. Only the much larger and more expensive Treo gives the same document capabilities. Moto Q only let me view documents.

The voice recorder button on the side is a handy feature for taking voice notes, memos or recording anything quickly. I found the button a bit too easy to push though, since the volume keys are on the same side.

And if you think the Nokia E62 is just for work, it plays MP3 music files, video clips, and games. With a 1GB memory card I loaded tons of songs and use it as my music player on the plane and at the gym. And check out that amazing browser! It allows you to reach nearly any website out there, not just the old "mobile" versions we all know, but the real web! And on that huge, bright screen the surfing experience is finally good enough to do on a mobile device. What you will also notice is two features that we don't even get on our PC web browers. The first is a "search" feature that shows where you are on the full web page for easy navigation. The other is a "visual history" feature that shows images of your previous pages -not just a text name - for quickly jumping back or forward to the page you want. Both are very cool and will make you want those features on your pc.

Voice quality and coverage was excellent, and the speakerphone was outstanding - loud and crisp. I use it as my speakerphone for conference calls since it sounds as good as my desk phone speaker. A 5-way conference calling feature was very easy to use, saved me from having to set up conference bridges, and I believe is the most robust conference calling feature of any smartphone. Battery life was also excellent.

Nokia really got it right with the amazing E62! I can't recommend this highly enough. Hey Nokia, give us one next year with wireless LAN and I'll get that one too.