Nokia 2220

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July 2003


  • Built-in Ring Tunes
  • Blue-illuminated Screen
  • Text Messaging

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5 Stars out of 5


Reviewed on Thursday December 9, 2004 by , USA
this was my 1st phone, and it never would break! I even wanted a new phone, so i tried to break it! no suck luck though. The ocean, a river, a fire, even the toilet!! IT DIDNT BREAK!!!! Parents, i would recomend this phone for your teenager.
2 Stars out of 5

Very BASIC phone

Reviewed on Monday August 30, 2004 by , Laval, Quebec
The TDMA network is getting more and more pushed aside to make way for GSM, so if someone is looking for a phone on a new contract would be well advised to stay away from that phone! The only reason a customer would want that phone is if he travels a lot to the United States, where TDMA coverage is still the strongest.

As for the phone itself, its a nice little phone, really basic features-wise. You don't have polyphonic ringtones (its still those anoying high-pitched tones), but at least you get a vibrate mode. The menus are what to expect from Nokia, easy and straight to the point. All-in-all, this model is an upgraded 3360, but without the Infra-red (has anyone REALLY used that feature on that old phone??).

So if you're on the market for an entry-level phone, pick your choice carefully.