Motorola C256 Reviews

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The Motorola C256 has an average user review score of 3 Stars out of 5 based on 6 reviews.

4 Stars out of 5

c256 rocks

Reviewed on Monday August 9, 2004 by , nl
When I recieved the c256 I was astonished with the incredible sound quality and second to none graphics. Motorola has redeemed themselves with this top notch equipment.
5 Stars out of 5


Reviewed on Wednesday June 9, 2004 by , oshawa
i think this is an amazing phone. i have had it for 3 weeks. it is small, lighweight and has a long battery life. i also like that you can make your own rings. i think this is a great phone.
4 Stars out of 5

i agree ...... kinda

Reviewed on Wednesday June 2, 2004 by , Regina sk
ok i agree with the bad that has been said about this phone to a point. This is an exelent phone it works great it has awsom recption but there is one little problem and it has been a problem with all the "C" series phones ..... THE BATERY LIFE BLOWS CHUNKS now that having been said Motorola has made a new batery for this phone and all the "C" phones and it is really quite good so long as you give it a 24 hour charge the first time. On avrage the new batery lasts 4-5 days i have had the new bat for 2 months now so it could die to. but it is allot better than the 1/2 day i got on the old batery. My advice if your gonna buy this phone throw the battery as far as you can and then run it over with your car a few times and get the new batery from a rogers deeler you will be happy you did!
4 Stars out of 5

I disagree -_-

Reviewed on Friday May 14, 2004 by , Winnipeg
Well im only 15 so i may not no alot about cellphones but i've had this phone for a couple of months and i use it everyday and it works perfectly for me... I've had the C256 as a replacement phone too
1 Star out of 5

i agree with igor

Reviewed on Tuesday April 27, 2004 by , ottawa
the 256 SUCKS it is just another mistake by motorola that shouldnt have ever been made i am sorry that i ever acquired 1 and would love to send it back. i was sent it as a replacment for the shoddy v101 that i had which spent more time in the repair shop than on me so i would suggest that if ur about to acquire either one of these phones DONT or have your head examined
1 Star out of 5

This phons is just like the C333

Reviewed on Saturday March 6, 2004 by , Toronto
This phone really sucks... this is the replacement phone that motorola gave me after I had my c333 replaced 11 times.. and the first 5 of those.. serviced (each) 3-4 times.... (this took me about a year to do).. and finally motorola gives me a new phone saying that this one is much better.. that it has an external battery and crap... and when i first got it.. it was good... the first charge held my phone for 4 days... untill it died.. and then the next charge.. held it for 1/2 a day.. it doesn't even say "charge completed" anymore... and when i unplug it after being plugged in for the whole night.. and then plug it back in.. it starts charging from the first bar... This phone is just like the crappy old C333... so Honestly... DO NOT GET THIS PHONE.... I would sujest the V60 instead of this... sure its a bit more expensive... but its alot better then this.... dont' waste your time or money with any of the "C" series phones.