BlackBerry 7130g

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June 2006


  • Ultra high resolution colour screen
  • Text, Multimedia & Instant Messaging
  • World phone with EDGE & Bluetooth


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5 Stars out of 5

Best phone ever

Reviewed on Monday November 21, 2011 by , London
Its a good phone the BlackBerry 7130G its one of the best and has a lot of features so yes i summaise that phone
4 Stars out of 5

A 7100 that does it right!

Reviewed on Wednesday July 12, 2006 by , Montreal, Quebec
I've owned the BlackBerry 7130g for three weeks now and so far I love it. I was skeptical about it after trying the 7100r and 7100g, I hated both units (short battery life, slow UI), but they've made some major improvements on their latest model.

Pros : The screen is bright, very easy to read and its brightness automatically adjusts itself with the ambiant light. EDGE capability really improves Web browsing, HTML web pages show up real fast. The User Interface has been upgraded, and it really shows. When I erased a contact in the 7100g, it took sometimes a good 5 seconds for the unit to comply. Now its a fraction of a second.

Cons : I'm trying really hard, but I can't get myself to use SureType. Maybe I've used a 8700r for too long! Battery life is vastly improved compared to the 7100g, but it still drains pretty fast.

All in all, its a fine addition to the RIM's portfolio, and I highly recommend it to anyone who is new to BlackBerry!