U.S. Cellular Data & Apps Add-ons

Features, services and add-ons are available with select plans and devices. Conditions may apply.

Your Navigator Deluxe

Free app

  • Your Navigator Deluxe provides voice guided turn by turn navigation information to smartphone users on an interactive map. It’s like having a portable navigation device but it’s installed on your phone so it goes everywhere that you do.
Download this app on Google Play or the Apple App Store.

Wi-Fi Now

Free app

Wi-Fi Now is a free application available for download in the Google Play Store for U.S. Cellular Android customers only.
Wi-Fi Now will make it easier for U.S. Cellular customers to take advantage of the benefits that Wi-Fi offers today: a fast connection, savings on data plan, and the ability to use the network while on the go; use Wi-Fi at home, office, or at public hotspots.

The above Add-ons are available in United States from U.S. Cellular.

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