U.S. Cellular Long Distance and Roaming Add-ons

Features, services and add-ons are available with select plans and devices. Conditions may apply.

International Data Packages

$35 per month

Canada Data
  • $35/month: 125MB of data
Mexico Data
  • $35/month: 125MB of data

Europe Data

  • $35/month: 50MB of data

Latin America Data

  • $35/month: 50MB of data
 Available with compatible devices. Some restrictions may apply for certain countries.

Data overage: 30/MB

Data overage: 70/MB


Other International Plans

If you do not have a World Phone-capable device, you can still make outgoing calls from certain countries.
Mexico? and Canada
  • $3 per day surcharge plus 99? per minute
Aruba, Bermuda, and the Bahamas
  • $1.99 per minute
Puerto Rico and US Virgin Islands
  • $1.99 per minute
  • Text and Data roaming is available
Text and Data roaming is not available unless otherwise indicated.

Airtime, overage charges, taxes, long-distance, tolls, and other charges, restrictions & limitations may apply.

? We do not have roaming agreements with all carriers in Mexico. Please call Customer Service at 1-888-944-9400 one week before you travel to ensure U.S. Cellular services will be available.
? Usage charges are based on your plan.


Global Cruise Ship and Bahamas Roaming

Get discounted rates while you explore the seas.
  • $4/min
  • 80?/sent text and 25?/received text
  • $20/MB
Conditions and restrictions apply.

International Long Distance Plan

$3.99 per month

If you make international calls more frequently, the International Long Distance Plan offers:
  • Discounted per minute rates to over 200 countries.
  • Unlimited calling to landlines in Mexico.

The Standard International Dialing feature will allow you to cover over 200 countries for as low as 20? per minute with no monthly fee.

Unlimited Calling Canada Plan

$5 per month

Stay connected to friends and family in Canada – call as often as you want.

Unlimited Talk & Text to Mexico and Canada

$10 per month

Stay in touch with friends and family in Mexico and Canada, enjoying:

  • Unlimited talk?
  • Unlimited text
? Only applies to calls placed from U.S. Cellular’s licensed market areas. Roaming calls and international calls to other countries may incur additional charges. Airtime, taxes, long distance, tolls, and other charges may apply. Other restrictions and limitations may apply.

The above Add-ons are available in United States from U.S. Cellular.

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