Sprint Plans

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Sprint Plans Overview

Unlimited Data Plans: Sprint offers more data and perks on its unlimited plans than any other carrier. If Sprint offers reliable network coverage in your area, then you’d be silly not to sign up.

Limited Data Plans: Sprint offers only one limited data plan because they’d rather direct you to an unlimited plan instead, which is provided for (nearly) the same price.

Family Plans: Sprint’s family plans make the carrier stand out amongst the pack. You will not get a better deal on an unlimited family plan from any other Big Four carrier.

Prepaid Plans: Sprint no longer offers prepaid plans. Prepaid options are available through its MVNO carrier, Boost Mobile.

Sprint is the nation’s fourth-largest carrier, and wields the fourth-best network. While Sprint’s coverage is lacking in certain areas of the country, Sprint is a winner in terms of what it’s willing to offer customers.

Indeed, Sprint’s unlimited plans are some of the best in the industry, packed full of features and perks for not much money. Sprint makes unlimited data plans so affordable that you’d be throwing money away if you went with anyone else for any reason other than coverage. These savings extend to Sprint’s family plans as well, with unmatched discounts that lower costs even further.

Sprint Plans with Unlimited Data

Sprint’s unlimited plans give you the most data and perks for the least amount of money. Its top unlimited plan will provide you with ample 4G LTE data, hotspot data, up to full HD video streaming, as well as unlimited talk, and text in the U.S., Canada, and Mexico. It even includes perks like free Hulu and Tidal. That’s way more than any other major carrier.

You can get unlimited data with Sprint for the same amount of money that you’d pay for a 2GB plan with Verizon—take a moment to digest that.

Sprint Unlimited Plan NamePriority 4G LTE Data*Hotspot DataVideo QualityPerks
Unlimited Kickstart50GBn/a480p DVD-QualityOccasional promotion for first time customers
Unlimited Basic50GB500MB480p DVD-QualityHulu
Unlimited Plus50GB50GB1080p DVD-QualityHulu

Unlimited Premium100GB100GB1080p DVD-QualityHulu


Amazon Prime

Lookout Premium

*After priority 4G LTE data limit is reached, data is subject to slowing when the network is busy.

Sprint Plans with Limited Data

Limited data plans generally offer cheaper monthly prices for a set amount of data. However, Sprint’s only limited data plan is about the same price as its least expensive unlimited plan, so you may decide to just choose an unlimited plan.

With this 6GB plan option, you’ll get unlimited nationwide talk and text, you can use your hotspot up to your data limit, and you’ll even be able to text 200+ international destinations at no additional cost.

Sprint Plans for Families

Sprint offers one of the most substantial multi-line discounts among the top carriers, seriously reducing the cost of your plan as you add lines. This makes Sprint’s already affordable unlimited plans even more appealing.

Check out the four-line discounts on Sprint’s Unlimited Plus and Unlimited Premium plans below. As a reminder, they include more huge hotspot data allowances and offer more perks than of Sprint’s competitors.

Sprint Plans for Traveling Abroad

If you’re looking to connect to and from Canada and Mexico, then Sprint’s unlimited plans have you covered—there’s no need to sign up for additional coverage. However, if you want to go beyond those borders, then you’ll need to sign up for Sprint’s Global Roaming plan.

Sprint Travel Plan OptionTalk+Text+Data
Mexico & Canada
Talk 200+ CountriesText 200+ CountriesData 200+ Countries
Unlimited Basic,
Unlimited Plus,
& Unlimited Premium
Unlimited$0.25/minuteUnlimited2G speeds included
Unlimited Plan +
Global Roaming
Unlimited$0.25/minuteUnlimited4G LTE speeds

Sprint’s Network Coverage

Last but most certainly not least, we need to address Sprint’s 4G coverage—or lack thereof. As stated, it’s not known for offering the best coverage, which is why one might assume Sprint showers users with so much 4G LTE data and perks. But that’s a fantastic windfall for customers that get Sprint coverage!

The best thing you can do is check Sprint’s network map to find out if you live in and frequent strong 4G coverage areas. For comparison, Sprint offers customers 27% nationwide coverage, Verizon offers customers 70% coverage, T-Mobile offers customers 59% coverage, and AT&T offers customers 58% coverage.  Check the map below to view your coverage.

Sprint’s Plans: Recap

  • Sprint’s unlimited plans offer up to 100GB of guaranteed 4G LTE data (before being subject to slower speeds), 100GB of hotspot data, HD streaming and a ton of perks.
  • Sprint only offers one limited data plan, but its least expensive unlimited plan is around the same price as their 6GB data plan, so there’s no need to offer more.
  • Sprint’s 4G coverage is not the best in the nation, so you should check your coverage before you sign up.