Boost Mobile Roaming Rates & Information

Boost Mobile is a prepaid carrier that runs on Sprint’s network. Boost Mobile is a good option for customers looking for affordable and feature-packed plans—plus you get to forgo a pesky credit check. One disadvantage to choosing Boost Mobile is their coverage, since Sprint’s 4G LTE network only covers 27% of the country. It is unclear how Dish’s forthcoming takeover of Sprint will impact coverage, roaming, and other services.

Here’s a quick look at Boost Mobile roaming rates:

  • Unlimited domestic text and talk on all Boost Mobile plans
  • Domestic roaming data and texts are not included in plans
  • 50 domestic roaming minutes on select Boost Mobile devices
  • Boost offers affordable international travel add-ons and packages

Boost Mobile Roaming: Domestic

Sprint partners with other major carriers to ensure that you have coverage while you are temporarily outside of Sprint’s network. This is known as domestic roaming. Boost Mobile phone plans include 50 minutes per month of domestic voice roaming at no extra charge, but data and text are not included.

In order to roam in the United States, you need to be on a Boost Mobile monthly plan that includes roaming and you need to have a roaming-enabled device. If you have both of these, then roaming will happen automatically. Any Boost Mobile plan offered after 3/3/2016 automatically includes 50 minutes of voice roaming each month. If you joined Boost prior to this date and you want roaming, then you will have to change to one of Boost’s current plans.

It’s easy to know when you are roaming—your phone will indicate that you are no longer on Sprint’s network. Most likely, there will be a triangle symbol on the top right of your screen.

Domestic Roaming Coverage Map

Sprint’s 4G LTE network, which only covers 27% of the United States, falls behind the other three major networks, Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile. There are considerable areas throughout the country without coverage, although their coverage along the eastern seaboard is rather good.

The good news is, Sprint partners with other networks to provide Sprint and Sprint MVNO customers with coverage throughout the country. When you look at Boost Mobile’s domestic roaming map, you can see a huge difference in coverage due to these partnerships. The majority of the United States is covered with the exception of small gaps in the Mountain West and West.

Boost International Roaming Rates

Some Boost Mobile smartphone plans may include international features free of charge, but if your plan doesn’t come with international capabilities, you can always add on a Boost travel add-on. These include Todo Mexico PLUS, International Connect PLUS, and international minute packages. Without a travel add-on, you will be charged Boost’s pay-per-use rates. The pay-per-use international calling rates depend on the country you are calling, texting to other countries costs $.10/text. Not sold on Boost? You may want to compare Boost Mobile’s long distance rates to other Sprint MVNOs to see who has the best prices and packages.

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Note: You must have an international travel add-on in order to use your Boost Mobile device overseas. There are no pay-per-use global roaming rates and your phone won’t work abroad without one of Boost’s travel packages.