Boost Mobile International Add-Ons

Making calls and sending texts internationally with your Boost Mobile plan does not require an international add-on, but you will be charged per minute (depending on the country you are calling) and per text sent (10¢/text). By purchasing a Boost international add-on or package you might be able to save yourself from excessive per minute/text charges.

Boost Mobile’s international perks are highlighted by their International Connect Plus and Todo Mexico Plus add-ons.

International Connect Plus

The Boost Mobile International Connect Plus add-on is the most comprehensive of Boost’s international add-ons. It’s great for folks with friends and family scattered throughout the world. For just $10/month you get:

  • Unlimited calls to landlines in over 70 countries such as:
    • Australia
    • China
    • France
    • Germany
    • India
    • Italy
    • Japan
    • New Zealand
    • Russia
    • Spain
    • Thailand
    • United Kingdom
    • And several more
  • 200 minutes to mobile numbers in over 50 countries such as:
    • Australia
    • Colombia
    • Czech Republic
    • Finland
    • France
    • Ireland
    • Italy
    • Portugal
    • Spain
    • Sweden
    • United Kingdom
    • And More
  • 200 minutes to landlines in the Dominican Republic
  • Unlimited calls to and from Mexico
  • Unlimited calls to Canada
  • Unlimited international SMS texting

International Connect also comes with discounted rates for calls to over 200 countries. For example, the standard rate for calls to mobile lines in Croatia is $0.44, while the International Connect Plus reduced rate is $0.30.

Todo Mexico Plus

The Todo Mexico Plus add-on is available for all Boost plans. This add-on is great for those who consistently make calls to Mexico or Canada and for those who often travel to Mexico. For just $5/month, the Toda Mexico Plus gives you:

  • Unlimited calls to and from Mexico
  • Unlimited calls to Canada
  • Unlimited international SMS texting

Up to 8GB of roaming data while in Mexico

International Minute Packs and Text Messaging

Another Boost Mobile add-on option for international calling and texting is their International Minute Packs. These packs come with an allotment of talk minutes to a specific destination, and unlimited international texting you can use within a 90-day period.

The cheapest International Minute Pack costs $3, and will get you 75 minutes of talk time to Mexico.

The following table includes just some of the other available Boost International Minutes Packs:

Country Minutes Cost
Brazil 440 $10
India 1000 $10
Ecuador 70 $10
Jordan 180 $15
Philippines 90 $10

How to Buy a Boost International Add-On

You can sign up for any of Boost’s international add-ons through your My Boost account either online or on the Boost Mobile app (Android, iOS). If you’d like some assistance, visit a local Boost Mobile store and sign up with a sales associate.

Boost Mobile International Plans

Boost Mobile doesn’t have a specific international plan. However, the International Connect Plus add-on is included in their Ultimate Unlimited Plan. What’s more, you can add any of the international add-ons or minute packs mentioned above to your Boost plan.

Boost offers four different plans:

PlanHigh-Speed DataHotspotPerksCost
3 Gig of 4G LTE Plan3GBTaken from high-speed data allotment6-Month Tidal subscription$35/month
Unlimited GigsUnlimited*12GBMusic 6-Month Tidal subscription$50/month
Unlimited PlusUnlimited*30GB6-Month Tidal subscription$60/month
Ultimate Unlimited Unlimited*50B6-Month Tidal subscription
International Connect Plus

*Speeds may be slowed during times of heavy network congestion

Boost Mobile International Add-Ons Compared to Others

For an idea of how Boost Mobile’s international add-ons compare to international add-ons from other carriers, take a look at the table below.

CarrierInt’l Perks included in PlansInt’l Add-Ons Available# of Countries included in Int’l ServicesPrice of Add-Ons
(Not including Plan)
BoostYes (exclusive to Ultimate Unlimited plan)Yes70+ – Landlines
50+ – Mobile and Landlines
SprintYesYes80+ – Landline
55+ – Mobile lines
Metro by T-MobileNoneYes140+$5-$20/month
CricketYes Yes35+ – Landlines
31+ – Mobile lines

Boost Vs Sprint International Add-Ons

Sprint is the parent company of Boost so it’s not surprising that their international add-ons look fairly similar to Sprint’s, though the latter’s are slightly more comprehensive. 

Sprint’s international add-ons include the following:

  • International Connect ($15/month) which includes:
    • Calls to landlines in 70+ countries
    • Calls to mobile numbers in 55+ countries
    • Unlimited international texting
  • Mexico-Canada Plus ($5/month) which includes:
    • Unlimited calling to Mexico and Canada (this feature is already included in Sprint cell phone plans)
    • Discounted rates for calls to landlines in over 80 countries and mobile numbers in over 55 countries
  • Cuba 20 Plus ($10/month) which includes:
    • All the perks available with the Mexico-Canada Plus add-on
    • 20 minutes for calls to Cuba (70¢/minute after)

One of the biggest differences between Sprint and Boost’s international perks is that Sprint’s cell phone plans come with some international roaming. Boost’s plans do not.As for calling and texting from inside the US to other countries, Sprint’s international add-ons look similar to Boost’s add-ons.

Sprint’s International Connect is similar to Boost’s International Connect Plus and includes calls to landlines in over 75 countries and mobile numbers in over 55 countries. Sprint’s $15/month International Connect is a bit more expensive than Boost’s $10/month International Connect Plus, while Sprint’s Mexico-Canada is priced identically to Boost’s Todo Mexico Plus at $5/month.

Boost International Add-Ons Vs. Metro by T-Mobile

Metro by T-Mobile has far more international add-on options than Boost.

However, if calling and texting to Mexico and Canada are important to you, Boost might have the advantage. Metro has separate Mexico and Canada add-ons that cost $5/month each, whereas Boost’s Todo Mexico add-on, at $5/month, includes Canada perks with no additional charge.

Boost International Add-Os Vs Cricket Wireless

Cricket’s Unlimited and Unlimited Extra plans already come with texting to 37 countries and calling and texting to Mexico and Canada. Only Boost’s Ultimate Unlimited plan comes with international benefits.

As far as Cricket’s international add-ons are concerned, their basic Cricket International add-on comes with unlimited calling to landlines in 37 countries for just $5/month. For $15/month you can also get up to 1,000 mobile-to-mobile minutes in 31 countries plus unlimited picture and video messages to 35 countries.

Cricket’s basic international add-on is not quite as impressive as Boost’s International Connect Plus add-on but it is $5/month cheaper, and while the Cricket International Plus add-on is slightly more expensive than Boost Mobile’s international add-on, it does have better perks (video/picture messaging, and much more mobile-to-mobile minutes).