Visible Mobile Plans

Visible is a prepaid phone carrier that offers a single unlimited data plan at one low monthly rate—$40/month. This carrier’s family plan options are even more affordable, as the plan price drops significantly for each line added to the account.

Visible is an MVNO that is owned by Verizon Wireless and runs on its robust 4G LTE network—this means that customers get the benefit of being on the largest network in the nation, without paying for the Verizon name. While Visible’s unlimited plan lacks perks like the free year of Disney+ offered with Verizon plans, it does deliver quality high-speed data at a budget-friendly price.

Visible’s $40/Month Unlimited Plan

The Visible Unlimited Plan costs a mere $40/month with all taxes and fees included. This prepaid plan features unlimited data, which may be slowed during times of network congestion, as well as unlimited mobile hotspot (maximum speed of 5Mbps). Since it’s prepaid, you aren’t subject to a credit check.

Unlimited Plan Features

Visible Family Plan: Party Pay

The Visible Party Pay Plan includes the same features as the individual unlimited plan, but the more lines you add to your account, the less you’ll pay for each line. Customers with four or more lines will pay just $25/month per line, which is almost half of what single-line users pay. Whether you’re a family, a small business, or a group of friends, Visible makes staying connected incredibly affordable. Managing your family account is easy because each user on the plan has their own Visible account and pays their own monthly bill—the only thing you and everyone on a Party Pay Plan will share is the discount.

Family Plan Discounts

  • $35/line for 2 lines
  • $30/line for 3 lines
  • $25/line for 4 or more lines

Visible Phones

Visible lets you bring your own phone (BYOP) if you have a compatible device, which you can confirm via Visible’s site. If you have an Android phone that isn’t compatible with Visible’s network, Visible will let you swap out your old phone for a new Android device, free of charge. The phone will likely be a budget-friendly device, but hey, it’s a free new phone.

If you want to buy a new phone, Visible carries devices that range from older, affordable phones to premium devices like the latest iPhones. You can buy your Visible phone one of two ways—outright or via monthly installments. Visible partners with Affirm, a third-party financing company, to provide you with a device installment plan, in which you pay off your phone over the course of 12, 18, or 24 months. Note that, depending on your credit score, Affirm may charge up to 30% interest on devices.

Coverage on Verizon’s Network

Visible customers reap the benefits of Verizon’s robust 4G LTE network, which boasts 70% nationwide coverage, besting AT&T’s (68%), T-Mobile’s (62%), and Sprint’s (30%) coverage maps. While Verizon’s network is far-reaching, there are still some small pockets where coverage is spotty—it’s important to check Verizon’s coverage map to ensure that the areas you frequent are covered.