Virgin Mobile USA Phone Insurance Add-ons

Virgin Mobile is a well-known MVNO owned by Sprint and operating on the telecom giant’s mobile network. Like most carriers, Virgin Mobile provides ways to protect your cell phone, should your shiny new device meet an unfortunate end due to loss or damage.

In partnership with Brightstar Device Protection, Virgin Mobile offers device insurance that not only replaces your cell phone if yours goes missing, but also includes threat protection to keep your identity safe and sound. Let’s take a look at the details.

Brightstar Device Protection for Virgin Mobile Customers

For Virgin Mobile customers, Brightstar Device Protection offers a no-contract phone insurance plan for $7 per month added to your monthly phone bill. Deductibles range in price from $20 to $175, depending on your device. You must first be enrolled in a monthly plan to be eligible for Virgin cell phone insurance. Your plan covers you in case your phone:

  • Is accidentally damaged (this includes water/liquid damage)
  • Gets lost or is stolen
  • Experiences an electrical or mechanical issue and you’re outside of your phone’s warranty

You’re also covered for the accessories you received when you originally bought your phone, like your charger, for example. An added bonus: Virgin Mobile’s insurance plan includes McAfee Mobile Security protection against online threats (more on this a bit later).

Adding Virgin Mobile Insurance

Enrolling in Virgin Mobile’s handset insurance is simple. First, make sure your phone is eligible for Brightstar Device Protection. Eligible devices include:

  • Newly purchased phones
  • Phone upgrades
  • Equipment swaps to a new device

After buying or upgrading your phone, you have 30 days to add Brightstar Device Protection to your plan at $7 per month. Once you’re signed up, Virgin Mobile will include the charge in your monthly bill. You can enroll in two ways:

  • During your phone activation process
  • After activating your phone via the My Account portal at Virgin Mobile’s website

Filing a Claim for Your Phone

Virgin Mobile allows you to file up to two phone insurance claims per year. You can do so either online at, or by calling Brightstar Device Protection at (844) 534-3098.

Make sure you file at MyPhoneGuardian within 30 days of the loss, theft, or damage and be ready to pay your deductible. Virgin Mobile’s program overview shows you what your deductible will be based on your phone’s manufacturer and model—you can expect costs to be around $20, $50, $100, or $175.

If you’re filing due to damage, you’ll need to send in your broken device within 10 days; otherwise, you’re on the hook for a $200 unreturned device fee. You may receive your replacement phone as soon as the next business day after your claim is approved, though this is dependent on when your approval goes through and how soon you pay your deductible.

McAfee Mobile Security

Virgin Mobile’s phone insurance not only protects you against physical loss and damage—it offers online threat protection, too. It includes McAfee Mobile Security, an app that helps prevent scammers from accessing your data and harming your online identity.

The McAfee Security mobile app offers:

  • Malware, virus, and phishing detection and prevention
  • Backup of your contacts and multimedia
  • Lost or stolen phone location, with the option to lock and wipe your data

You should get a text message with activation instructions within 10 days of enrollment. If you already have McAfee Security on your phone, simply delete and reinstall the app to take advantage of your included offer.

Phone Protection Options at a Glance
CarrierInsurance PlanPlan FeaturesDeductibleMonthly Price
Virgin MobileBrightstar Device ProtectionLoss, theft, and damage protection
Device replacement
McAfee Mobile Security
$20 – $175$7/mo.
Boost MobileBoost ShieldLoss, theft, and damage protection
Device replacement
McAfee Mobile Security
$20 – $175$7/mo.
Metro by T-MobilePremium Handset ProtectionLoss, theft, and damage protection
Device replacement
McAfee Mobile Security
True Key password security
$20 – $200$6/mo.
Cricket WirelessCricket ProtectLoss, theft, and damage protection
Device replacement
$10 – $250$7/mo.

So how does Virgin Mobile’s insurance policy stack up against its competition? Overall, pretty well. There’s not much difference between plans offered from Virgin Mobile, Boost Mobile, and Cricket Wireless, with all three costing the same monthly premium—and Cricket Protect doesn’t offer mobile security, while its most expensive deductible is much higher than the rest.

Metro by T-Mobile’s Premium Handset Protection has the slightest edge over the others, with a marginally cheaper premium, comparable deductibles, and the addition of True Key password security included in its plan.