Sprint International Services Add-ons

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Sprint is now T-Mobile

As of August 2020, Sprint is now part of T-Mobile. This means existing Sprint customers can remain on their current plans, but new customers will have to sign up with T-Mobile.

If you’re on a Sprint cell phone plan, you’ll be able to enjoy some free global roaming benefits, making it easy to stay connected while you’re traveling overseas. If you need additional international perks such as high-speed data while overseas or an international calling plan, you can purchase add-ons for a monthly fee.

Sprint Global Roaming

A nice perk included with many of Sprint’s plans (excluding prepaid customers) is its Global Roaming feature, granting free texting, basic 2G data speeds, and $0.25/minute calling to over 200 worldwide destinations. However, if 2G speeds simply won’t get the job done while traveling internationally with your limited plan, you can opt for faster, 4G LTE speeds for an additional cost.

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Some of Sprint’s unlimited plans include high-speed data while you’re in Mexico or Canada. You’ll get either 5GB (Unlimited Basic Plan), 10GB (Unlimited Plus Plan) or Unlimited (Unlimited Premium Plan).

Sprint international roaming add-ons: traveling outside the US

If you’re planning on using your phone extensively while traveling—or traveling to Japan exclusively—you’ll likely prefer faster data as opposed to 2G speeds, given the option. Fortunately, Sprint’s international add-ons allow for faster data in the form of “high-speed data passes,” in addition to a ”Japan Plan,” with special rates for data while in Japan. In addition, if you are in need of 4G LTE and mobile broadband for your tablet, Sprint offers a plan specifically for that as well.

High-speed data passes

Sprint’s high-speed data passes can be broken down into 3 separate tiers, all with their own applicable international rates:

  • Canada & Mexico: $2/day (or $10/week)
  • Most Destinations: $5/day (or $25/week)
  • Other Destinations: $10/day (or $50/week)

It’s worth mentioning that week passes account for 7 days, saving you money compared to buying passes daily.

Japan Plan

If you’re traveling through Japan, for only $5/month, you have the option of adding Sprint’s “Japan Plan,” granting you voice, text, and high-speed data capabilities. Be aware that this plan will only work while in Japan, and additional data passes will be required when traveling through other parts of Asia.

4G LTE and mobile broadband for tablets

Sprint offers 4G LTE and mobile broadband for tablets and similar devices in the event you need to use them internationally. High-speed data will run you a flat rate of $0.03/MB when traveling within 200+ destinations. Additionally, you’ll receive data usage updates in $50 increments—this to help prevent large, unexpected data charges at the end of the month.

Sprint international calling add-ons: calling from the US

In addition to international add-ons for traveling abroad, Sprint also offers optional plan add-ons for communicating abroad, while still in the US. Available add-ons include:

  • Mexico-Canada Plus: $5/month
  • Cuba Plus: $10/month
  • International Connect: $15/month

International Connect: Call & Text

For $15/month, Sprint offers its International Connect: Call & Text add-on, allowing you to call landlines in over 75 countries (mobile numbers in 55 of those countries) at no additional cost—in addition to providing discount calling rates to all other locations. Below are a list of some of the countries that include calling to both landlines and mobile numbers on the International Connect: Call & Text plan:

• American samoa
• Estonia
• Korea (south)
• Russia
• San Marino
• Luxembourg
• Bangladesh
• Malaysia
• Canada
• Netherlands
• Ireland
• Singapore
• Mexico
• Australia
• Spain
• Sweden
• Czech republic
• Italy
• Poland
• Denmark
• Portugal
• Romania

Mexico-Canada Plus

For only $5/month, Sprint’s Mexico-Canada Plus plan grants unlimited calling to Mexico and Canada—this plan also includes discounted rates to landlines in more than 80 different countries and mobile numbers in over 55 countries. It’s worth noting that audio, picture, and video messages are not included with the Mexico-Canada Plus add-on.

Cuba 20 Plus

In the event that you have friends or family residing in Cuba, for just $10/month, Sprint’s Cuba 20 Plus add-on gives you the ability to make calls to Cuba—including 20 anytime minutes and a discounted rate of $0.70/minute thereafter. In addition, the Cuba 20 Plus plan also includes all features seen in Sprint’s Mexico-Canada Plus add-on listed above and does not include audio, picture, or video messaging options either.