Mint Mobile Plans

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Mint Mobile Plans Overview

Data: Browse or stream with Mint Mobile’s high-speed data plans offered in 3-, 6-, and 12-month increments.

Talk and Text: Use your unlimited minutes to call or text anywhere in the U.S., as well as Mexico and Canada, at no additional charge.

Roaming: Pay ultra-low rates to stay connected via talk, text, and data while outside of the U.S.

Phones: Pick from a broad selection of smartphones from Apple, Samsung, and Google, or you can bring your own.

Mint Mobile is an MVNO (Mobile Virtual Network Operator) or small carrier that operates on T-Mobile’s robust network and provides customers with quality cell phone service at low prices. Mint (previously known as MintSIM) offers a variety of inexpensive unlimited talk and text plans in 3-, 6-, and 12-month bundles. Since Mint is prepaid, you can sign up for service without having to undergo a credit check.

Mint Mobile Plans

All of Mint Mobile’s cell phone plans include unlimited talk and text, paired with your choice of 3GB, 8GB or 12GB of data/month. As mentioned, you can choose between 3-, 6-, and 12-month plans, which you pay for upfront. In general, the more months you buy, the less you pay per month.

New Mint Mobile customers can get a 3-month plan at an ultra-low introductory rate. After the introductory period ends, you can keep that same introductory rate by renewing with a 12-month plan. The standard monthly pricing for each 3-month plan is as follows: $25 for the small 3GB plan, $35 for the medium 8GB plan, and $45 for the large 12GB plan.

Mint Mobile Plans
Mint Mobile PlanLTE DataMonthly PriceMonthly Discount
Small, 3 months3GB$15$10, introductory
Medium, 3 months8GB$20$15, introductory
Large, 3 months12GB$25$20, introductory
Small, 6 months3GB$20$5
Medium, 6 months8GB$25$10
Large, 6 months12GB$35$10
Small, 12 months3GB$15$10
Medium, 12 months8GB$20$15
Large, 12 months12GB$25$20

International Talk and Text

Calling and texting from the U.S. to another country via Mint Mobile is pay-per-minute, and those rates vary by destination. For example, you can call a mobile phone in China for as little as $0.01/minute, a mobile phone in Australia for as little as $0.015/minute (one and a half cents), or a landline in India for $0.01/minute. Talk and text to Mexico and Canada are included in the price of your plan!

From Inside the U.S.
MX & CA TalkMX & CA TextInternational TalkInternational Text

International Roaming

Mint Mobile sells international roaming cards, called UpRoam, to help you stay connected while you’re abroad. UpRoam allows you to add money to your international roaming balance in $5, $10, and $20 increments online or via text at any time. Any data, talk, or text you use while abroad is pulled from your card’s balance, which never expires.

From Outside the U.S.
MX & CA TalkMX & CA TextMX & CA DataInternational TalkInternational TextInternational Data
outbound, free inbound

Mint Mobile Plan Coverage

Getting a cheap cell phone plan from Mint Mobile doesn’t mean you have to settle for subpar coverage. Since Mint harnesses the power of T-Mobile’s 4G LTE network—which is the second-biggest in the nation—you’re likely to get great coverage wherever you go.

Indeed, T-Mobile’s network offers an impressive 59% nationwide coverage, ahead of AT&T (58%) and Sprint (27%), and behind perennial coverage king Verizon (70%). While these percentages are indicators of the coverage you’ll experience, it’s still essential to check the network map to ensure that your area will get a strong signal.

Mobile Phones from Mint

Mint Mobile gives you the option to bring your own compatible phone and number to its network. You’ll just need a new SIM card, which comes free when you purchase a plan.

If, on the other hand, you need a new phone, you’ve got a lot to choose from. Mint sells everything from the iPhone 11 and Samsung Galaxy S10 to budget smartphones like the LG Stylo 5. Mint partners with the third-party company, Affirm, to give you financing options for phones, but beware, these financing plans may charge interest rates as high as 30%. To avoid high interest rates, you can always purchase a phone outright.

How Do I Switch to Mint?

Switching to Mint Mobile is easy. Just follow these steps, and you’ll be talking, texting, and streaming for less in no time.

  1. Ensure that your compatible device is unlocked if you are bringing your own device. 
  2. Check Mint’s coverage map to ensure that you’ll get service in your area.
  3. Choose whether you will bring your old number or request a new one from Mint.
  4. Order your Mint Mobile plan and free SIM card online.
  5. Enter the 11-digit code located on your SIM into the activation portal.
  6. Place your SIM into your device to ensure that it fits.
  7. Cancel your old plan with your old carrier (if you’re transferring your number, Mint will have your old plan cancelled for you).